Morrissey "California Son" posters removed from Liverpool train stations

Commuter offended by Morrissey posters plastered across Merseyrail station - Liverpool Echo
The former Smiths frontman has shown support for Tommy Robinson and far-right party For Britain


Merseyrail has ordered the removal of Morrissey posters plastered on its services and stations after an angry commuter complained about the singer's controversial views.

The former Smiths frontman is advertising his new solo album, California Son, which is due to be released on Friday.
However, his support for far-right parties and leaders have made him a controversial figure - leaving Merseyrail scrambling to get the posters removed after one Liverpool commuter voiced his offence.

Jack Dotchin, 32, was taking a Southport service into Moorfields this morning when he spotted the posters - and he wasn't happy.

The Toxteth resident said: "[The things Morrissey has said] offend me and a lot of other people. He's very far right these days, going on about immigrants and being pseudo-racist.

"It's just strange to think Merseyrail, being a public service for the people, is advertising someone with his views.

"It's just pictures of Morrissey with his new album. He's not doing anything inappropriate but his name is a by-name for questionable views at the moment.

"Lots of record stores are refusing to stock it so I'm not the only one to say it."

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No such thing as bad publicity. Probably getting a decent few column inches and a reputation for being “controversial” by now. Viva Boris! (Viva BJ! is just a bit too...)


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Like I said, if your message is f***ing vile, it will be seen as such surely? Or you'll just get walloped haha.

“Free speech” is a lame defence for talking and acting like a twat. In my opinion, you’re not entitled to an opinion if it causes harm to others. (And I’m not talking about offence, i’m taking about actual harm).


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Stephen Hofmann

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Wait you just posted that ‘Christianity is generally about love and kindness.’

If that is so.,, then why would they call someone’s choice in sexual partners a sin ?

Christianity = NOT very loving OR kind.

If it involves fisting and watersports, yere, that's probably a sin.


Matt you're right. I'm the same, I don't like M's stance, but this action, reportedly as a result of one complaint, about a poster advertising an album with no political message on it is beyond absurd. I notice now the bandwagon is gathering momentum and the Guardian and NME are on the case with their proxy faux hysteria. While were at it, why not phone the BBC to stop them playing his songs as the mere mention of his name is offending me and a local record shop has stopped stocking his records. You couldn't write this f***ing nonsense ...oh I just did.

vegan cro spirit 333

“Free speech” is a lame defence for talking and acting like a twat. In my opinion, you’re not entitled to an opinion if it causes harm to others. (And I’m not talking about offence, i’m taking about actual harm).

Islam causes me harm.:lbf:
calls me an infidel. has the halal.o_O
ban the sob:lbf:


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Zionism has killed more than Islam

Including half a million Iraqi kids in the 90s

If Morrissey supported an anti Jewish organization his career would be over

vegan cro spirit 333


nice sock puppeting.:bowing:
skinny making himself a friend to the jew
by attacking his anti jewish sock puppet.:lbf:

i think the commie twats at put out marching orders
for their cult members to make themselves look like they arent anti semitics.:lbf:


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Do you get that Morrissey is openly bisexual and identifies as such? (Actually "humasexual"... which means feeling attracted to humans of both genders... Which is the definition of Bisexual even if he coined a neologism).’

I believe Humasexuality may also include...
attraction to those who have chosen to not be indentified as male or female, such as non-binary or agender.

Wait so you believe that gender is fluid? Yeah definitely add the crazy button option


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In your world, only Christians and Christianity contain nuance. All Muslims are the same and they blindly follow a completely two-dimensional version of Islam.
The ones who wear the clothing are indeed two dimensional. They have purposely rejected any sense of individuality for a collectivist outlook only. They choose to form a mass.

Brainwashing from childhood up can do this. And they're safely trapped from sanity for the rest of their days.

Muslims are extremely racist also. They will not allow their sons or daughters to marry white people or even go on dates with them. Only very progressive Muslims would have no problem with this. Most Muslims stick together because they don't like or trust other cultures i.e they fulfill the definition of what being actively 'racist' really is. If one of their daughters went out with a white boy she would be in severe trouble for breaking the sacred rule. She would be derided as a "bacon basher" - this is a racist term they commonly use that refers to White people as 'bacon' (i.e "dirty pigs" - and boy do they hate pigs!).

Many white people seem to think that only whites practice racism. I don't know whether this is ignorance or denial in action here, but you'll find that in Pakistani culture you are forced to marry your first cousin. (In the UK the NHS has been urging the UK's massive Muslim Pakistani community to stop this custom as it causes unique genetic diseases). They marry their cousins because they don't like or trust strangers enough to introduce them into their families - let alone other cultures. This comes from a purely supremacist and racist way of thinking.

Islam is intrinsically racist, misogynist, supremacist and anti-human.
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