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    Update July 4, 2011 7:50AM PT:

    Morrissey does not wear shoes by Deux Souliers - true-to-you.net

    Link posted by Christ in a previous story:

    Morrissey by DS - Deux Souliers

    Morrissey is wearing Deux Souliers for his next European tour.

    The underground rock singer and composer Morrissey is wearing Deux Souliers for his next European tour 2011.

    The footwear brand Deux Souliers, with only one year of existence, catches Morrissey’s eyes (ex lead singer of the band The Smiths) and Richard Nicoll (British fashion designer).

    Deux Souliers gets inspired by the flamenco dance shoe to create a comfortable, resistent and flexible footwear able to resist Morrissey’s agenda. These unique boots have been exclusivelly designed for the singer using Richard Nicoll’s colour palette.

    A special occasion were Nicoll’s passion for the singer and the savoir-faire of Deux Soulier’s designer Nunu are invested to join Morrissey on his Tour that started the 15th June with an impressive concert at Perth Concert Hall (Scotland).

    In full growth and expansion, Deux Souliers combines a rebel and innovative design with a reinterpretation of footwear classics. Soon Deux Souliers will be present with the SS’12 collection at the Parisien Edition Premier Class at Porte de Versailles.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by Christ, Jul 1, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      Congrats Moz for finally coming out of the closet. Never seen more gay shoes in my life and nice high heels pal....
    2. 21punksalute
      Do they come in Men's?
    3. Anonymous
      I hope they arn't leather..
    4. Anonymous

      BTW, had a really good view at Bradford and he wasn't wearing these, he just had normal dress shoes on. He was wearing the Angelo shirt tho and his band all wore fuck fur
    5. murder and desire
      murder and desire
      These are awful....s are the shirts and to think the man once had taste- up till Vand I- at least
    6. Anonymous
      Well that's great then. We can wear these to kick Morrissey's arse.

      Seriously, who gives a f.
      Silliest-sounding shoe brand name ever heard. snorfle. And then the shoes...Great so what does that make him? the new Michael Flatfoot in Lord of the Prance? Feet of Shame?
    7. John Reed
      John Reed
      From Deux Souliers website:

      "through the feminine touch and savoir-faire of its artistic director Nunu Solsona, Deux Souliers always uses natural materials and high quality leather. Adopting traditional techniques (with a great capacity for production), DS places emphasis on detail (modified leather, saddle stitching, hand-painted features in contrasting colours), and on precise and timeless finishes."

      What's Morrissey doing collaborating with a company that uses "high quality leather"? Presumably these are fake leather, but I can't find anywhere that actually says this!?
    8. Ready With Ready-Wit
      Ready With Ready-Wit
      HAHAHA! This. :D
    9. Anonymous
      OMG!! These are the ugliest gay poncy shoes I've ever seen!! Why does he give his name for
      this shit? Will he even wear that crap?

      It's obvious he wants to play in the Lady-Gaga-League but he will not be taken seriously. What a pity!

      Actually he is a million light years away from his fans :-(
      Remember that when you buy your next Moz ticket -> he needs the money to buy some pair of AG jeans...poor old man.

      What's next? An sex orgy with Bernie Ecclestone and 50 Cent?
    10. caz-34
      Haha, this made me laugh.

      Seriously though, is a wind up by the designer? Who on earth would want to put their name to these monstrosities and then sign the things? I thought he was very private about this sort of stuff, if true then he won't be happy about them publicising (his shocking lack of taste).

      Maybe he is channeling is inner flamenco dancer? Does anyone remember the article by the sacked valet who recalls meeting him for the first time and him clapping his hands in the air whilst getting them to drink?
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    11. sdsuedehead
      hum...Morrissey and Prince sharing the same bill....both fans of heel boots....I'm starting the rumor that they are now LOVERS!
    12. hureharehure
      Actually I like these. They look a lot like a pair of Rachel Comey boots I have, but I admit (a) those are leather, I'd love to have similar ones that aren't, and (b) I'm a woman. Not that I think these are overly womanly shoes. I do think a heel looks silly on a tiny little short man like Bowie or Bono but Morrissey isn't short.

      Richard Niccol interviewed Linder for W Magazine last year:
    13. Anonymous
      They make more sense on a small person though.

      Thank you. I already feared that she is behind this once again.

      The good thing is that he does not wear these shoes or if he does it does not as if.
    14. Anonymous
      does not look as if, I meant to type
    15. Satlook
      Morrissey fans,

      Why do we have still Confirsation with those " Anonymous " people on this forum ?

      please :blushing:
    16. Anonymous
      It will get him in the press that's all he want's.Sad and desperate man.
    17. Anonymous
      Aaah. The L word. I should have known. When there's something incredibly dull and pretentious dicussed, it usually gets a mention.(high fives other Anonymous sharing same sentiment)

      That word can kill any amusing thread. It's like a very bad song in an otherwise enjoyable set > L like 'Looker'.
    18. Anonymous
      Anonymous fans,
      why do we have still these critics incapable, hyper adoring lemming fans who think that Morrissinho is god! He can eat sh*t, they would love him for that. You little silly kids, wake up!
      Your hero is as arrogant as Bono, he is as commercial as David Beckham, he makes the same ugly music like Dave Grohl.
    19. zepfan1
      HAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA - I usually don't laugh at this but that is quite funny :lbf:

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