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    Morrissey Follows Springsteen To Broadway Box Office Lucre - Forbes


    With Bruce Springsteen's record-breaking Rialto residence as a template, recording artist Morrissey made his Broadway debut last week - and earned more money than almost any traditional musical on the docket.

    Over seven performances, the English singer-songwriter grossed a whopping $1.88 million, with the average seat going for $186 a pop. The only shows on Broadway to rake in more were Hamilton ($3.13m) and The Lion King ($2.04m).

    The stint, titled simply Morrissey, wasn't technically a song-and-dance musical. It was more of a straight concert in the vein of the singer's 40-year touring career, transplanted to Broadway's intimate Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. The gig is the first in a series called In Residence On Broadway, each featuring a different artist in the 1,500-seat house, produced by LiveNation, EBG, and The Araca Group.

    The venture follows in the footsteps of Springsteen's sold-out Broadway bow, which grossed $113 million over 14 months. Seats for that show, which was a bit more fleshed-out than a pure concert, went for over $500 each, with prices on the secondary market leaping to $40,000 (!) during the final week.


    Also posted by BookishBoy:

    Grosses Analysis: Morrissey Kicks Off In Residence on Broadway Series With Solid Showing - Playbill


    British singer-songwriter Morrissey took the stage at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre for seven performances May 2–11 as the inaugural act of the In Residence on Broadway series at the venue this summer. The Smiths frontman grossed a total of $1,881,374—92.32 percent of its potential—playing to an audience at 96.4 percent capacity.

    The series will next host Yanni, followed by Mel Brooks, Regina Spektor, Criss Angel, and the Beatles tribute Rain.

    Click here for an in-depth look at this week's grosses.

    Morrissey Sings $1.9M Tune At Lunt-Fontanne; Total Broadway Weekly Box Office Hits $37M - Deadline. Link posted by SuburbanChic.
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Discussion in 'Tour' started by Alexi, May 13, 2019.

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    2. SuburbanChic
      “The well-reviewed Morrissey, though not officially a part of the Lunt-Fontanne’s upcoming In Residence On Broadway series, suggests producers might be on to something with the idea – at least with performers backed by a fan base as loyal as the one that’s stuck with Morrissey all these years. Attendance for the seven performances – which spanned two Broadway weeks – was 10,085, about 96% of capacity. Average ticket price was $187.”

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      Also keep the rat skunk in cashmere cardigans.
    5. Anonymous
      Will he sing ' Interesting drug ' with any conviction in 2019? Of course not. His life is solely about his own stardom and promoting the utterly shameless sham he is today. Un blinkerd eyes can see straight through him.
    6. Anonymous
      It's about the creative life and he is certainly living his. Nothing to be jealous about, we all have the capacity to be successful creators when we focus on it, instead of comparing with others. Good luck to Morrissey.
    7. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      And you are here...why, exactly?
    8. mozmal
      Over the hill this Morrissey dude. :rolleyes:
    9. slyfoxy
      I will say this one more time (and it's just my own way of looking at things musically) Here goes: If a performer/artist is extraordinary in his or her talent and I get enthralled by his/her music , I DON'T GIVE A FUCK about all the extraneous stuff...their politics, lifestyle, if they're a nice person or a scumbag. I am there to be entertained. All i really care about is (like in Moz's case).....1)Does he write great songs? YES 2)) Does he have a great singing voice? YES
      3) He he a great live performer? YES
      4) Am i taken to a different, beautiful world when I listen to his albums? YES

      Pardon my next cursing, but....I couldn't give a fuck about all the "other" shit. Thank u and peace out, y'all

    10. vegan cro spirit 444
      vegan cro spirit 444
      that blinkered twat needs to find work if he wants money:lbf:

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