Morrissey Bobbleheads


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I tried to buy one on eBay. It's the only item in years of using eBay that I actually never did receive.


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i got one a few years ago

how come there's glue all over the 80's moz's flowers?

and if any of you wanted one, you could contact the owner of viva-moz,

he might know where you can buy them, or he might have some, or something
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I bought one a couple of years ago and it took 3 attempts to successfully post it to me - first to were broken at the flowers.

The seller eventually had some polystyrene moulded to post it in!

Maybe this is why they never went into mass production?



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I did, after lodging a complaint with PayPal and waiting a few weeks. It sucks, I really wanted the one of him in the suit...
Well, you could try again with the one I posted above. Though the seller does have one negative feedback.
That's awful! i got mine through Viva Moz and have both younger and older Morrissey. They were very pricey butu I LOVE them!!!:)
I was very dissappoited with my "Ozzy Osbourne" Bobblehead...It didn't shout "Sharronnn!"....and it certainly didn't "Bobble" !! Anyway the Moz ones look like something out of Hollyoaks....(on a very "Dodgy" tv....)
I vote them a "NO"


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I tried to go to that website but it said it was under construction?


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been like that for months now, there's a way round it, though

if you find the link on google for the items.. i'll try and find it
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