Morrissey bans owner davidt from concerts for life

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    Arse of the world sends the links:

    Two separate sources:

    Morrissey bans superfan for life - via Toronto Sun
    Morrissey Slaps Concert Ban On Website Owner - WENN via ContactMusic

    Morrissey has taken extraordinary action against the owner of a fan website by banning him for life from the singer's concerts.

    The former The Smiths frontman declared war on after owner David Tseng refused to prevent members from discussing the star's private life or criticizing his career moves.

    The singer stepped up his campaign against the forum last month by taking to the stage during a show in England wearing a T-shirt printed with the words: "F**k".

    Tseng was shocked when Morrissey's security guards ejected him from a concert in Copenhagen, Denmark on Monday - and now it's emerged the Suedehead hitmaker has banned Tseng from all of his gigs because of his "poisonous" website.

    A spokeswoman for the Morrissey tour tells WENN, "Mr Tseng via his poisonous website has caused so much intentional distress to Morrissey and Morrissey's band over the years that Mr Tseng is not welcome at any Morrissey shows."
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