Morrissey backs anti-rabbit factory farming campaign


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How nice.


guinea pig
Good. I love rabbits.

vvv Picture my avatar is from vvv (a rabbit I met on 20 September 2009).


Duck. Duck. Duck. Goose.
I think it's great that Morrissey gave his permission for the track to be used and it's a very worthy cause... but the whole thing didn't exactly gel.

Maybe an instrumental version would have been better. I mean, the lyrics are so specific, I can't help picturing rabbits etching postcards and drinking greasy cups of tea. Sort of John Betjeman meets Richard Adams.

Still, a very nice gesture.


Duck. Duck. Duck. Goose.

Jukebox Jury

Surely a more appropriate song would have been
''That joke isn't bunny anymore'':thumb:

Jukebox Jury


morrissey backs the liberation of factory farmed rabbits...

i agree the song didnt mesh all that great for this video. will this video be aired on national tv or whatever? i didnt see an immediate answer on their site.

Daddy Cool

Dodgy Fool-san
Rabbits are essentially over-grown rats. They are horrible creatures and deserve to be tested upon.

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