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28. Morrissey – “Back on the Chain Gang”
Sounds Like: The greatest f***ing song The Smiths never wrote.

Key Lyric: “A circumstance beyond our control, oh oh oh oh/ The phone, the TV and the news of the world”

Why Song Matters: Few artists ever truly run away with someone else’s song, no matter how good their cover may be, but Morrissey hijacked The Pretenders’ legendary anthem this year. It all started when the song first began appearing in his setlists, and now that he’s parading it around like a single, it’s as if it’s always been a part of his catalog. You know, like the Berenstain Bears/Mandela Effect. –Michael Roffman
I suppose it depends how much exposure you had to them. In the UK they were definitely seen as a band, they were all over the TV at the time, had 3 top 10 albums and and were brilliant live, their set at Cities in the Park was stunning.
This is a great track from their 2nd album, for anyone who is into The Doves, that's Jimi Goodwin on bass.

I guess , but even watching that video, it doesn’t seem like a band.
I looked through the whole list, I only know 20 of the songs on it o_O
& half of those I think suck :o
still, yes, this is the one of the 10 I do like, though not as much as "This is America" or "Fast Slow Disco" :guitar:
back on the chain gang single

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