Morrissey "Autobiography" audio book on CD

Chuffed to have just taken delivery of my CD audio book of Autobiography today :) Sad though that there is not even a single info sheet included in the box, just the 11 CD's, looks a bit naked :lbf:


Stoned posted the link to purchase on eBay.
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joe frady

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Any news on when the vinyl box set is coming out?

I'm hoping for next Christmas.

Thinking of something along these lines ~




Rosewood box infused with CdG Incense Avignon. Free Limited Edition Numbered Oil Lamp included with initial quantities.
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Mine arrived here in as well.. Im looking forward to enjoying it on my commute this week!



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Does it have David Morrissey reading his script for McDonald's as an intro? Vouchers for a Big Mac Meal Deal?

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