Morrissey attends Echobelly concert (October 8, 2021)

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Moz was at Echobelly's gig.

I just looked again and see what you mean though.
It was on the On tour that I saw them... great shows. I remember liking the Lustra album and then kind of lost track of them. Although I seem to remember hearing that they broke up sometime in the late 90s.
Yeah I think the band is just her and her husband now from the original line up.
No, for some reason the seats are low down so you are watching through the balcony glass if you sit down.

Must be distracting for musicians when spectators start licking that.
Dear Hero Imprisoned, With All The Old Tunes That You Are Ingesting, I Can't Help Recommending To You.... 'flesh n'bones' from Echobelly's Anarchy & Alchemy album. Perfection in a voice.

Thank you, Acton.
Don't ask me why, I just love when Moz is home going places and doing things he loves.:)💗

good group.:)
surprised 'surface' has time to post on the thread, he was busy up Oasis axx just a moment ago. Liam from Oasis OI who next in the AK line? :poop:

the dude Rody from AZ?

Moz has very good taste, Echobelly is a good group. Moz given the royal treatment with many amenities :hammer:

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