Morrissey attends Echobelly concert (October 8, 2021)

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Moz was at Echobelly's gig.

From Moz Solo 4 years ago....

That said the second track on the e.p, “Sleeping Hitler”, does doff it’s cap to Morrissey with the line; “I wish I was blindly loved” which is similar to “I would sooner be just blindly loved” from the Morrissey song “The Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye” from his 1991 album “Kill Uncle”. Legend has it that the Pope of Mope himself took quite the shine to Echobelly, so much so that he turned up at the abode of Sonya. Glenn Johansson remembers his interest well;

It’s true, he did show up one day. He was very friendly and the cat liked him as well which was a good sign for us. Slightly embarrassing though since the cat was called Morrissey! He asked what the cat was called and we were put on the spot but managed to make something up. He said he really liked the band and was particularly impressed by some of Sonya’s song titles. He came to see us play a few times and always came backstage after the show for a chat. The Smiths were one of the reasons why I decided to move from Sweden to London, I was a huge fan but I don’t think Sonya was that aware of them at the time. I will always have a huge respect for Morrissey. He is brave enough to speak his mind, even if it causes controversy in a world that is full of political correctness. It has not changed our opinion about him. After all we’re living in a country with freedom of speech so he has the right to think what ever he likes.”
I've been listening to On quite a bit lately. Some great melodies on there.
It was on the On tour that I saw them... great shows. I remember liking the Lustra album and then kind of lost track of them. Although I seem to remember hearing that they broke up sometime in the late 90s.
Ahá!!! I love it!!!! This song I did not know Echobelly those melodies really come to me, live does not sing very well but I like !!!! Well, Moz witnessed this while Ricky Advantage sang to the Smiths !!!! thanks I met Echobelly I loved it
With damo?
FUAAA!!! What!!! Photo. Moz is very mmmmm!!! Perfect Morrissey is going to see Echobelly!! And showing indifference to Ricky Ricky, . He obviously has good taste Good move of Moz quiet very quiet, and went to the show of Echobelly, this attitude is worth more than thousands of criticisms to Ricky Ricky. Very smart Moz!!! Tuty was super inspired!!!!!
He was there because Sonya's voice is as pure as ever. Their three remastered reissued vinyls are a revelation. If I lived in the UK I'd have been there too. I can't imagine the magnificence of a Moz concert with Echobelly as support.
You beat me to it. They would have been/would be a perfect support for an M show.
God!!! That photo is one of the best I saw of Moz currently It looks like a painting!! It is empowered !!! Presence!!! Myth with heart beating... pure mistica!!!! MORRISSEY!!!!
Something has to bre done with that photo,it looks like a leader..For example, do Autobio 2 and use this cover photo of the book...:memo::memo::microphone::microphone:☺️
And you have never been in love
Until you've seen the dawn rise
Behind the Home for the Blind
The brillant 'Everyone Knows Better' by the brilliant Echobelly sounds like it could be a cover of a 1990s Morrissey song.
*Morrissey would, though, surely pronounce 'better' with tees, not dees.
Was a fan of Echobelly back in the day, but alas I was at the Astley gig last night...

Great night, atmosphere was lush. Set list was well paced, What Difference Does it Make' kicked it off and there were some deep cuts with Barbarism, Some Girls... and Well I Wonder, amongst the more obvious picks.

Astleys voice faltered in minor places and he screwed up the timing on one notable occasion, but he seemed to be genuinely having so much fun it really didn't matter.
Adjust the expression in that photo slightly and it’d be a dead ringer for the IANODOAC cover,

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