Morrissey at the Viña del Mar Festival, Chile 2012 (Feb. 24)

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By count_pipe on Jan 14, 2012 at 3:08 PM
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    An important Chilean newspaper just confirmed today that Morrissey will be the Anglo star of the Viña del Mar Festival, Chile, 2012.

    Morrissey cierra con el Festival de Viña y se convierte en la figura anglo del certamen - La Tercera


    Ok. The Viña del Mar Festival is the most popular music festival in Chile (And I dare to say of South America). The newspaper here (radio and TV) confirm that Morrissey is the Anglo Star hidden (the surprise). They also say that Moz agreed this week to visit Chile.

    He will close the third night of the Festival, around the midnight here, and they ensure that it will be a 15 song setlist.

    ALSO, the didn't confirm, but they said that the managers of Moz visit are planning a second presentation in Santiago, Chile Capital, around three or four days later.

    The good thing, is that you will be able to see the Morrissey show in Pro-Shot, and in HD. Because the full Festival is broadcasted in High Definition.

    What can I said? Here in Chile we are all very, very happy whit this, it's been a long time. In Twitter, for example, the Trending Topic of Chile are: 1- #Morrissey 5- Moz & 10- The Smiths. It's been a Beautiful surprise of him, and we are so very happy!

    The most important informative radio frequency here in Chile, Radio Bio Bio, said about Moz visit: "The 52 year old singer ended as one of the most important numbers in the history of the Festival of Viña del Mar."

    Using Google Translate, it appears Morrissey will close the third night of the festival, Friday, Feb. 24. Another show in Santiago around the time of the festival but the date has not been set. Please post any additions / corrections in the comments section.
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    1. saintssmileshyly
      Chile! Finally! This is most unusual. I hope that this is indicative of more touring. The autobiography front has been quiet. The messages from TTY have been cryptic and to Chile! Are the other two nights being headlined by Sepultura and Scorpions? This has to be the most random isolated tour announcement of all time. Utterly unpredictable...always keeping us guessing. Morrissey must get his new material out in whatever format. The music industry execs will not promote him, nor will they give him the money he desires up front. He is too fantastic to be left feeling listless and unwanted.
    2. celibate
    3. Anonymous
      Don't worry; he will cancel--if this is even true.
    4. Anonymous
      So envious from you "anonymous"
    5. Anonymous
      looks like another oye esteban tour is in the works
    6. Anonymous
      Ojalá si se presente allá :)
    7. francis
      wanna know if he's gonna be giving another show in Santiago. I mean Viña sounds great...only if u're watching him in front of ur TV. I wish i could see him somewhere else.
    8. Stbn
      Excelente! Porfin algo bueno en el festival. Ojalá se refiera al Mov. estudiantil de Chile, a las termoelectricas, etc...

    9. Anonymous
      29/02 Lima, Perú.
    10. Bluebirds
      I hope you get a South American tour. A continent that appreciates Morrissey rather than us sad, cynical cupcakes who project our twisted vitriol on this website. I guess it will be very short notice for any European fans to make what will undoubtedly be a colossal few dates. I can't imagine Morrissey doing a one-off gig in Chile. I'd like to see him do a gig in Colombia. Could get a few songs worth of material from all the gangsters. And Carlos Valderrama's barnet
    11. Anonymous
      ...add to that Shakira's ass.
    12. mariano.c11
      Is he coming to Argentina?
    13. Anonymous
      That's happy news. I hope it's a wonderful evening for everyone. Lets lose the snark for this one.
    14. lucky
      Finally Mozz is coming back ... after long 7 years ... the only thing we can expect is attend a great show ... I hope the set list is similar than the one he played at Glastonbury the last year ...Well I just bought my ticket and I'll buy another one in case he's playing in Santiago.

      Cheers everyone!!
    15. Anonymous
      BITH PLEASE, the best festival in south America is ROCK IN RIO
    16. Anonymous
      Please confirm me this is true...
    17. Anonymous
      Hopefully a couple of east coast US dates as warm ups - especially Boston!!!!!
    18. count_pipe
      YEAH! RIGHT!!!!! Just one thing, ROCK IN RIO first edition was in 1985 (27 years now), and the Viña del Mar Festival debut was in 1960 (52 YEARS OLD).
    19. nd110
      que bueno que viene al sur! y que bueno que vaya a chile...ahora el fest de viña es la cosa mas asquerosa que uno pueda imaginar...a ver si le dan la gaviotita a morrissey ridiculos!!!

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