Morrissey at the Rancid concert at the Roxy in LA

An anonymous person posts the link / photo:

From @MozzeriansATW / Twitter:

#Morrissey & the boys at tonight's @Rancid show @theroxy #westhollywood #LA photo courtesy of Jr. Bernal.

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I'm late to respond to this. Well, I think it would in the larger markets (LA, SF, NY, Chicago and a few others). However, it's difficult to say since Suede haven't done a proper tour here since 1997. I understand that it's expensive to tour here and they were never massively popular in the US. Having said that, I was very disappointed that they did not at least play a few additional shows when they played Coachella in 2011.

they could also look to tour with a co headliner to test waters that might be less in sales stature over there but perhaps with a bit more profile here. i dont know, how old are they already. i mean as long as they dont lose money at this point in the game wouldnt it just be fun to play a place you havent for a very very long time except for one festival spot that got you not one bad review

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