Morrissey at the Hollywood Bowl November 10, 2017? SER posted "Mock up poster"

Has anyone seen this ? Sam Esty posted this on Instagram it seems there's a date !

Not my design. Mock up poster. #morrissey #hollywood #hollywoodbowl

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So, is this bogus? No hollywood bowl?
At worst, totally bogus.
At best, a case of jumping the gun.

Personally, I lean towards the later. And even if it's totally false, the odds are probably about 85% + that Morrissey will play in the LA area within the next 8 months.
I vote for jumping the gun. Apparently Lyn Boorer said it was true on Facebook and Mando and Jesse " liked" the poster when it was reposted in Instagram by several people .
November sounds right and logical for a world tour as well no?
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