Morrissey at the Hollywood Bowl November 10, 2017? SER posted "Mock up poster"

Has anyone seen this ? Sam Esty posted this on Instagram it seems there's a date !

Not my design. Mock up poster. #morrissey #hollywood #hollywoodbowl

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I see Sam has uploaded this photo, so I presume this gig is about to be officially announced?
Lil' Sammy is such a tease. I reckon no one has heard about this and I really went down the Mozbot path on this one. I even asked Uncle Steve's favorite waiter Tyler at The Sunset Marquis
I keep refreshing the page, and theno mention of Morrissey ticket sales. There's loads of guff about animal rights instead - have Morrissey's promotors been hacked?
This just appeared and it's confirmation in my mind:

People looking for phone numbers or updated web info need to appreciate Sam has probably jumped the gun and put the image out well before any other agency has.
I'm sure details will follow.
Just to remind people: look at the phone number here...

What a surprise. Like he never plays Los Angeles all the bloomin' time.
The image was not captioned when first posted. My original post with photo info which I can't migrate here.
Anyone know what this is about...?
Posted just after midnight, Saturday, 10th June, 2017 (UK time).
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(Can't post a link to it - instagram pic shared on FB too).
The photo is Rocky Graziano taken by Stanley Kubrick.
I don't remember an old gig at the Hollywood Bowl in any November - so provisional gig promotion image?
I've had a bit too much wine to go digging around the web et al... Anyone?
Cat and Fiddle open again
Morrissey new album
Morrissey at Hollywood Bowl
Morrissey's Happy
bit puzzled, in june Morrissey let advertising or a 'call out' that he plays, in about half a year from now plays the Hollywood Bowl [5 months is a long time]

I hope as you all {tm}, it might be one of the first gigs after he released his new album, they're recording in Rome.

It's on !
incase anybodies interested theres 20 % off all clothing in mporium,be quick.

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