Morrissey at the Choice Music Prize, Dublin

Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by Brel, Mar 4, 2011.

By Brel on Mar 4, 2011 at 3:30 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by Brel, Mar 4, 2011.

    1. Anonymous

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    2. Georgissey
      Can we all agree to leave the man alone and allow him to enjoy a concert once in a while?

      All of the photos of Morrissey taken at concerts have one thing in common.
      He looks weary, obligated, and VERY seldom smiling.
    3. Anonymous
      Because she is slowly dying alone and they havn't made up.
    4. Anonymous
    5. vbalian
      Still...just a Beautiful Moz
    6. Anonymous
      It's good to see Morrissey in England and Ireland. He's a UK icon. He's needed to vent at animal hater David Cameron.
    7. Brel
      Hello? He was attending a major Irish music industry event. He is one of the Irish diasporas biggest musical names. You think he was planning a quiet night in town?

      This is the only photo I have seen so far from this week, where I would say that he has been 'papped'. But it is a media event, so he knew it was going to happen. In all the other photos he looks perfectly at ease to me?

      Morrissey being in town is news. This is a Morrissey website.

      Right, back to discussing knitting patterns :D
    8. Georgissey
      I misread the original post. It was late, and I had a few drinks. And then a few more.

      And yes. If Moz is in town, it is newsworthy.
      If Moz is at a concert, then he's just another dapper man there to have a good time.

      I'm just saying, he seems to look uncomfortable in most of those shots, and tends to leave after a song or two.
      Maybe if he were left alone once in awhile he could at least see the bands he set out to without feeling like a sideshow.
    9. Anonymous
      Ahh bless him! He's still beautiful isn't he?

      But in saying that...... i wouldn't like him to stare at me like that, i think i'd just turn around and run!
    10. klaus
      hmm smells like he's shopping for opening acts.
    11. Anonymous
      wow he looks old D: he certaintly doesn't look his age.. regardless of all his deformities, I still love him

      just kidding about the deformities.
      he will always be perfect to me..

      but SERIOUSLY Steven, you need to come to New York, I'll die if I don't see you at least once more.

      sincerely ONE of your most obsessed fans,
      KarenMorrissey <3
    12. Garmon
      ...Before you die old man.

      No, really, I've never seen him this old before.

      But that how people grow old. We all do.
      None of us are in our teens anymore thank god.
    13. Anonymous
      It's Don Drapper from the 1980s
    14. churchward
      please leave the guy alone he's doing alright and looking very dapper i think. lets pray he stays well and turns up at all the concerts feeling good. thats what we hope for. right?
    15. Anonymous
      lets hope we die at our own choosing
      best we can hope for

      thats the best we hope for

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