Morrissey at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival!

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    Well, sort of. It's not quite like him previously being interviewed in the ultra-underrated Sundance Film 'New York Doll', but it's close enough. I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while as Sundance has already come and gone. Sorry if this post ends up being a bit long. Hopefully, at least one person will enjoy it:D. While the man was “appearing live” elsewhere, there were a few Sundance films that I thought fellow Moz enthusiasts might find interesting. The first four relate directly, and the others don’t relate to him at all, but I can’t help recommend them anyway. There are so many films at Sundance that it’s impossible to see them all, so here are some that I saw that I feel are worth mentioning. Obviously you can find more info about these and others at and or your preferred search engine.

    First up is a film that was remastered and the soundtrack remixed for this updated screening. The Living End from 1992.

    2nd and 3rd are documentaries about Patti Smith and Derek Jarman, both of whom were major influences on Moz. And last but definitely not least is a documentary about gender in Iran. With possible tour plans in Iran and similar countries, this was a brilliant insight as to what life can be like over there.

    The rest below don’t have any Moz connections, but are absolutely worth seeing! And here are some related links for anyone that’s curious or wants to see some trailers.
    [​IMG] Captain Abu Raed will be screening in London - UK on the 18th of February, 2008 as part of The Fabulous Picture Show.

    This is the longest post I've ever done, but I have to mention the who were at the Sundance Festival too. It's not a movie but they did amazing stuff like this! I would've embedded it but I couldn't figure out how. I'm finally done.:D

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