Morrissey at Mary Coughlan gig, Dublin Academy

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By Brel on Mar 1, 2011 at 5:25 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by Brel, Mar 1, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      And as for this, I was once fascinated that a person like Morrissey exists in the music industry and that there is a person whom I have so much in common with until I encountered fans of his like you and others and I found out that whatever Morrissey promises it rarely materialises in reality. My beautiful image of him that I gained from his interviews and what I experienced did not match. This Lady in question here is just the final nail on the coffin and when I saw the video of her thing in Dublin I was for the first time really glad that I was not where Morrissey was. So no, I never claimed to be a fan even though I was fascinated by him because I am my own independent person and certainly Morrissey won't see any more money from me, most of all not after this last here. It'll save me a lot of money that I can spend on more useful things that really make me happy and not on being abused by him, his fat or stupid support and his sick fans. Good for this woman that she thinks that she is brilliant with her terrible jazz who is going to be nothing more than another tool in Morrissey's agenda. I am not a voyeur, I am an agent. Every single Morrissey concert that I went to in the past was a bit mistake, that's right. However I cannot be blamed, my image from the interviews was correct, it was just that Morrissey did not give a correct image of himself in those interviews.
    2. goinghome
      This is all really bugging you, isn't it, even while you emphasise that you don't care about it? I guess someone afflicted like that, flinging inaccuracies, at best, around with abandon, is more to be pitied than to be taken seriously.
    3. Anonymous
      The Irish job wonder of the early 90s was created with jobs and money coming from the European Union. Currently the Irish economy is held together with money coming from the European Union, countries where social benefits for those in need are cut. You are incredibly poor in mind when you cite something that was directed at other people. Your Irish nationalism has given me second thoughts and I figured that the real Irish whom I met were not actually as nice as I had given this nation advanced kudos, you, Morrissey, this terrible woman... So yesterday in the supermarket I found myself with an interesting new aversion against Irish butter. lol Keep it up, it is getting far.
    4. goinghome
      Galliano brought plenty of bombast to his prejudices as well.

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