Morrissey at Mary Coughlan gig, Dublin Academy

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By Brel on Mar 1, 2011 at 5:25 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by Brel, Mar 1, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      Morrissey looks distinguished. There aren't a whole lot of men who can age that well. He looks better now than when he was young, skinny, gawky and swishy. When I became a Morrissey fan in 1990, I did not find him attractive. I was interested only in his music. I lost interest around the time of Southpaw and Maladjusted because I thought the music was just . . . crappy.

      When he re-emerged in 2004, I could not believe how much time had passed, but I also could not believe how good he looked. When other people saw me looking at a picture of him online, some of them didn't know who he was and they said, "Who is that? He looks distinguished."

      Now, unfortunately or fortunately, his looks have become part of the Morrissey image. It's not just about the music for me anymore. I know: shallow.

    2. Anonymous
      Why does Morrissey stand out so much?

      Cos he's one in a million maybe?
    3. Mary coughlan
      Mary coughlan
      This is Mary Coughlan
      This is all very amusing ...who the fuck are you anonymous ?
      You obviously are a coward of some description !
      You also don't know any thing about alcoholism ...It's a disease
      the only cure is not to drink ..I have not had a drink for almost 17yrs ...
      I could be rude and slag you off but I still have some decency
    4. Mary coughlan
      Mary coughlan
      I don't think sinead is that bad minded ....
      I could be wrong
    5. Mary Coughlan
      Mary Coughlan
      Yes he did and hung out in my dressing room for a long time ...he was wonderful
    6. mozziestar
      I'll speak for the ladies here...I love seeing Moz in a photo with another female.
    7. sistasheila

      people who were sexually abused as a child have often a very dificult relation to their body . a lot of them struggle with things like eating disorder or cutting themself or anything which is not good/harmful g for them be it drugs or alcohol or whatever-
      and not everybody who was sexual abused as a child refrain or is afraid fof sex as adult..but have sex to clear the memory from the abuser.
      why there is a discussion how much sex a female is "allowed" to have int he year 2011 is quite strange...would there be a questioning if its a male?
    8. Anonymous
      She was touched and fondled by her grandfather, ok that is terrible and probably would warp your mind. But it's not an excuse for drinking to excess (or at all) while pregnant. Some things you just do not do. Killing a baby is one of them. No amount of rationalization or a self-forgiving outlook on life can forgive an outrage like that. So she had a tough time and she came through it. Her baby didn't, but nobody cares about that because it's not a nice thing to think about so let's just give her a hug instead and pretend nobody was murdered. She should be serving time in jail for her murder or man-slaughter at the very least. Or perhaps recycled into a bar of soap.
      A.N.O.N. (not Sinead by the way).
    9. Anonymous
      Not about this at all. This is about a woman who whores around, not who has a positive, healthy attitude towards her body and sex.
    10. goinghome
      People like you, with your cemented mind and arrested empathy, are very unlikely to benefit from educational information unless life intervenes with personal violance, but here we go anyway -

      In contrast, Mary Coughlan has been inspiring people on many levels for a few decades now. So carry on judging, and just wait for the ricochet.
    11. Anonymous
      mary i dont know you or whether this post was actually you. however, i could not agree more alcoholism isnt a choice whether or not you pour it down your throat, its far deeper. Ignorant people will never know.

      Ive yet to meet an happy alcoholic who does it for the hell of it.

    12. Anonymous
      mary everyone on here is just jealous
      imagining morrissey in their dressing room for hours

      ha ha

    13. Anonymous
      Look at you and that pathetic Mary Coughlan. You are getting more pathetic by the minute. Me with a cemented mind? What do you know about me? You are like these forum arsewholes who gave a woman shit last summer when she said that she had been suicidal two times and patted that wanker who was no more than a sad attention seeker. Mary Coughlan seems to have made good money from abuse, abuse, abuse. This pathetic even comes here and gives somebody shit who just said what she then repeats, but in her self obsessiveness she even does not get it. So what kept her (supposedly, I do not believe it one bit after what she posted here and I saw of her) 17 years? She did not pour alcohol down her throat. I won't believe it though, because her whole response still screams attention seeking, self pittying acoloholic.
    14. Tibby
      Morrissey looks very handsome in that photo.Blue is his color.It goes with his eyes.
    15. Anonymous
      This place now is weird
      It stinks
      If you want to police connents
      thats the way to do it

    16. Anonymous
      I think we can see what your agenda is. Are you in Youth Defence? Why don't you just SPUC off and stop passing moral judgements on people whose lives you no fuck all about.
    17. Anonymous
      So Mary drank out a child she was carrying if thats true that is disgraceful
      but a bet you support abortion
      whats the difference
    18. goinghome
      Are you trying to be funny, saying that you are the exception to your own rules? You are showing your hand with every post and it ain't pretty.

      And if you still claim to be a Morrissey fan in any way, he could only have one thing to say to you: well, you can love me outside.
    19. goinghome
      "Festival dates with Morrissey? Mary, take a bow

      They are the most unlikely coupling. The Charming Man that is Morrissey and the 'tired and emotional' blues singer from Galway.

      But The Diary [of The Irish Independent Newspaper] can exclusively reveal that Morrissey and Mary Coughlan are expected shortly to announce a number of festival appearances together in the UK this summer.

      This development came about after the former Smiths singer turned up at Mary Coughlan's show in Dublin's Academy last Saturday night.

      "Morrissey came to a gig of mine in Whelan's a few years ago so I knew he was a fan but it was still a shock when he rang up to find out what time I went on stage in the Academy.

      "When I came on, there he was in the front row. I was slightly mortified," she revealed.

      Worshipped by his own fans, 'Mozzer' was so taken with Mary's performance he got up on stage to kiss her hand.

      A stunned Mary then found the most influential lyricist from the best band in the last 30 years banging on her dressing-room door post-show.

      "Maybe it's because I'm f****** brilliant," joked Mary to me this week.

      "But seriously, I'm a huge Morrissey fan myself. Some people sent me photographs of me and Morrissey from the concert this week.

      "I don't think I look great but Morrissey looks amazing."

      The Manchester-born singer, whose song 'Irish Blood, English Heart' became his best-selling single -- with or without The Smiths -- when it entered the British charts at number three in May 2004, is a well-known lover of all things Hibernian.

      And with both his parents being Irish, Morrissey is entitled to play for the Irish soccer team.

      However, it seems that the music icon has been talking more to Mary this week than Giovanni Trapattoni, as she confirmed: "Yes we have been in contact.

      "Plans will be announced shortly, on a couple of festivals he (Morrissey) is doing in the UK," she said.

      But however much Morrissey means to Mary, it means even more to her daughter Olwen, who graduated from IADT last year. The subject of her thesis? The collected works of Steven Patrick Morrissey."
    20. Anonymous
      Seriously goinghome, it is time that you start to think on your own, and YOU in particular. There are more than one anonymous posting here. And you if you really believe in your buddhist stuff then your karma went down incredibly badly. It is going to get you nowhere if you continue the way you do and continue to crawl into Morrissey's and Oscar's behind the way you do. You are in early 20s, start to also feed your brain with other sources than the ones you so exclusively do, to get a more broader view of the world. And most of all, start to learn about manipulation and the cognitive.

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