Morrissey at KROQ

shridan whiteside

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We all remember Morrissey's 3 song live thriller at legendary KROQ in Los Angeles right? (3, June 1991). I was rooting through a box of cassettes tonight and found my copy of the actual live performance I recorded with a shitty jam box and a brand new Memorex 60 minute cassette tape. The ultra-cool, very special reason for having one of these, if you had the foresight to tape it as it happened, is when they begin 'There's a place in hell for me and my friends', about 15 seconds in, the band stops, and you hear the sound engineer say: 'Alright. Morrissey KROQ sessions take two', and the band starts again and belts it out. Fantastic! I was just wondering if anyone else out there has one? I recorded the entire day of the event. From Richard Blade and company talking about what a monumental day it was going to be, to the arrival, the performance, and interviews. Then after Moz leaves, the after-thoughts of those who were in studio. Its an absolute gem of a find, and again was curious if any of you had one as well?
I'd love to hear back from some of you.
Peace be with you.


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I ditched school to listen to this live. Sat in a Nissan Sentra and listened to it.
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