Morrissey at Hop Farm Festival?


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So the last 4 acts on the main stage that night are Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and then Morrissey?! HEAVEN


are you waiting for the confirm from tty before you buy? in the past there has happened some bookings without morrisseys content to play ..
i was too young to be there in 94 but i remember the reports from users here for canceled US concerts in 94

I cannot see him getting the band together and rehearsing a set for a one off show can you ? Im in for Glastonbury anyway but it would be a huge bonus if Morrissey was added to the line up.
well he must rehearse songs for the festival too anyway
so why not ..maybe not in the summer but in fall winter?
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Bet Morrissey is happy with hanging around with Patti Smith for the day :D

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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umm, I'm too lazy to do it, but someone should make a poll ending on say "July 1st" :straightface:
about whether or not we believe he is actually going to play or not :confused:


It's confirmed here - , and also that he has a new manager.

- Morrissey to headline at Hop Farm Music Festival; Damien Dempsey looks likely to be added; Morrissey now managed by Ron Laffitte
4 March 2011

Morrissey will be headlining at the Hop Farm Music Festival in Paddock Wood, Kent, on Saturday, 2 July 2011.

Damien Dempsey looks likely to be added to the bill.

Morrissey is now managed by Ron Laffitte, who is based in Los Angeles. -


I'm glad Morrissey is the top of the poster for something! New manager...I hope Morrissey doesn't fall out with him after 2 months!


There will be definitely be a tour next year imo.

But this'll do for now. I'll most certainly be there :).


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Well....i've ordered tickets, but it's hard to be truly excited when 2 of my last 3 gigs were called off (one I didn't know about until I reached London). So...yeah, it will be great if it actually happens. SeeTickets offer cancellation cover (I suggest everyone adds this on). :thumb: :D


am i being crap with the website or are the coach+entry tickets for saturday all sold out?
no- the coach only service is avaiable still.on the green coach site. costs 24 pound
and you can get the ticket on seetickets-83 pound.
only the ticket plus coach has old out on the green coach site


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snapped my Saturday day ticket up for this because..

1. my first and last moz gig was liverpool bottle incident
2. itsss on my birthdaaaaayyy.

plus LOU and IGGY are brilliant too!

heres hoping for some further festival dates (leeds i hope but doubt)
and a UK tour this year or next :)

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