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No, I did not know this, but I thought so, because he is going to get married in India.

To make sure that caste system is the right word, I looked it up on Wikipedia. There is an interesting but not surprising link made to the class system.

Did you know that a flight to Bombai costs just about 540 Euro with Air India?

There are still late availability wedding dates at Stoke Park. £145 per adult. The minimum 80 adults got me thinking. I think that if I ever were to get married, I'd rather not have 80 adults around me but just the man whom I am getting married to.



My secret's my enzyme.


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Did you know that Russell has some connection with the Hare Krishna movement? I had assumed that was a factor in his wanting to get married in India.

I think Russell Brand appreciates the philosophy and feels a connection with it more then actually practices it. With that said....
I don't think russell brand is getting married in india because he is a Hare Krishna, i can almost guarantee it. India is just a super beautiful place and probably cheaper to get married at than London or basically anywhere haha.
In that link he mentions Radhanath Swami, if anyone has the chance to check listen to the Guru speak or see one of his books then please check it out.

did you know that xfranklyx is a hare krishna?
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<3 roseanne mozzykrishna very cool
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