Morrissey aside (if he does it for you), do you have any long-term celebrity fantasy crushes?

Yes. Yes I do. Having crushes on celebrities (and non-celebrities, too) is kind of a part-time (albeit unpaid) gig for me. I never really progressed past the hormonal teenager phase in that regard—and I still have crushes on just about everyone I did when I was a kid, too.

I made a list on the subway this morning. Looking over it now, two things are clear to me: 1. I don't really have a "type." and 2. There's probably something wrong with me, but whatever.

James Spader
Steve Martin
Kermit the Frog
Robert Downey Jr.
Adam Ant
Woody Allen
Bill Murray
Bill Clinton
Marlon Brando
Elvis Presley
Nick Cave
Michael Jackson
Larry David
David Letterman
Craig Ferguson
Chevy Chase
Jack Nicholson
Eddie Murphy
James Stewart
Charlie Chaplin
Simon Gallup
Steve Buscemi
Gene Wilder
Elliott Gould
Gary Day
Ira Glass
Joe Frank
Martin Gore
Curt Smith
Mick Jones
Sean Lennon
All three Beastie Boys
Boy George

This is definitely incomplete…
Harrison Ford, Tim Curry and Gilligan from Gilligan's Island.
David Morrissey
Michael Fassbender
Tom Hardy
Dale Barclay
Robert De Niro
Idris Elba
Mark E Smith (yes you read that correct)
Ricki Hall
Stewart Lee
James Dean
Brian Jones
Elvis Presley
Jim Morrison
River Phoenix
Brad Pitt
Leonardo DiCaprio
Jim Sturgess
she shall always remain the top of the top for me, forever, amen


this has been true since I first saw her on the TV as a child :blushing: however, as I grew older and went to a mainly Asian high school

she has captivated me for decades and those like her :horny:
& while I'd like to leave it there, the fact is I dream far too much about:
these days :brows:
so yeah, if you could make a woman in a lab :rolleyes: she would be some mix of these 3 with some of

her look, attitude and style thrown in

*=part of this could be due to the "China effect"currently informing what I like, unlike ABAs** many women here while thin, usually achieve this by only one method, starvation, not exercise, so while your eye is often caught by their slim frames, once you date them you become aware of how weak and out of shape many of them are and since this is what I hate most about myself, I despise seeing it most in others, but this is not something I've noticed with any of the African goddesses I've had the pleasure of spending time with here or merely observed, they exude a physicality and "fitness" unmatched by most local "club girls", hence my dreams of Rihanna and women like here, I think, I'm just guessin here :confused:

**=American Born Asian women, my appreciation for their many attributes only grows as I spend more time here, and I mean language compatibility aside, the fact is I've only dated one woman here that could compete with any of the Asian American from my past, sure, beauty is in abundance here, even smarts, but drive to be one that exudes power seems to be lacking without far too much prodding on my part these days, leading me to my current "battle cry" of:
give me a "Dragon lady" or give me death!
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Man Ray. He's slightly strabismic like Moz, it drives me wild. :horny:



He's not a man, he's a man ray ghost house. :sweet:
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I have been bingeing on Scandinavian films for the past month. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Thanks.
ive never had crushes and am jealous of people who do, even as a teenager. id like to be swept away by feeling and such but it just never happened.
Diane Kruger
Shirley Manson
...ermmm - Gabby Logan?
I'm struggling. I thought I had way more celebrity crushes than this.
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