Morrissey, Apollo, 19th March

Sorry to be asking this again, but anyone got any updated info on what time the video will start and when Morrissey will be on stage? I see 8.30 has been mooted, but being a Sunday it might be earlier? What were the times for the other gigs on this tour?
He’s appeared on stage between 20:30-20:34 every night so far. Tonight will be no different. Videos starts bang on 20:30.
8.30 on stage
Will it live up to last year at the Palladium? I'm not sure, and that is why I'm hesitant.
How will you ever know if you don't go?
You could stay home and watch live streams/video clips, and think wow this sounds a great gig, Moz is on great form, new songs are great... sh*t, I wish I was there, & live to regret not going. Conversely, you might watch those clips and think it's a poor concert, I'm not missing out, and glad you didn't go after all. It's a gamble, but ultimately, it's your choice, obviously. That's why I said listen to your heart. What does it tell you?
I can't decide whether to bite the bullet and buy a ticket... to go or not to go?
If you don’t already have a ticket you obviously don’t want to
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