Morrissey and Tim Booth met up at Hop Farm fest

Tim is now responding to his fans on Twitter..I was pretty excited to read this tweet. Good to know Morrissey still has a sense of humor :rolleyes:

@RealTimBooth hi tim - did u meet moz at hop farm n do u still get on. Top gigs by u both @ hop farm

in reply to @mickmacmok
@mickmacmok moz hugged me at hop saying, " you still alive ?"
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I am Ulysses the dog that eats his own feces and this is my story. I am writing my autobiography utilizing my feces on blank paper. I want to be just like Morrissey because my agenda is capture and torture the dog that attacked Morrissey.
I’d written it before out of my feces but I always eat it as I can’t resist my yummy feces.

I was born and braised out of Collies in a manger with angels all around me as Satan came and joined me in my crib and I ate his feces and he was my first.

I need to protect Morrissey from all evil as I will eat the dog that attacked him and his master and then I will track down Mike Joyce and eat him as well. I want to make Morrissey proud of me so he will allow me to eat his feces as my reward. I hope to eat Jesses’ as well as I think he is such a great guitar player.

My master taught me how to eat feces , I come from a breed of collies. Yo dawg, yo dawgs, All dawgs I be the big boss, the dog that eats his own feces as I’m called Ulysses. My master was Satanic which cause me to eat my feces, you see and don’t mess with me as I coming after the dog that attacked Morrissey and devour him to the ground. I’m on my way man, I’m almost homebound.

I like to roll in the dawt and if another dog hawts my feelings I squeal and in dismay they will pay and I am Ulysses and I eat feces from fishies.
I go to kfc and attack the employees so they give me the chicken and especially the feces from the chicken.

Morrissey is God and I will protect him by attacking all those he despises, as I’m under orders and I will get doggy prizes, which should keep me very excited. I obey orders which explains why I abhor that dog, that vicious dog that attacked the man that only deserves admiration and applause. Yo dawgs, hear me? If you don’t hear me, you see I ‘m gonna come after you as well and go to hell so don’t fuck with me as I’m the dog Ulysses who eats his own feces which entices me. So you better be paying attention to me.

I am Ulysses the dog that eats feces and this is my story and I hope they make this into a movie and my part is played by Lassie as I think he probably has delightful feces too. But I’m tougher and stronger than Lassie as Lassie is a fishy compared to me. I already ate Rover and I want to fuck another of my dog friend over, hand it over, watch them roll over as I stick it to them in their rectum.

I will sign autographs on request but they will be written with my feces but then you can’t have it as I must eat it as I am and shall always be Ulysses, the dog that eats his own feces.
I must go as I’m on my way to crack down my assignment. I got tom go find the dog that attacked Morrissey and pick him out of a lineup. Morrissey is my God as well. He is the most handsome and he be the finest. That’s what it says in my job requirement. Ruff, ruff. I be big and tough and you don’t want to fuck with us

Piss off, dogs


I am Ulysses and I eat my own feces and this is my continuing tale. I have been chasing the dog that attacked Morrissey and I want to make him pay and put him away for the evil he caused and then eat him.

I am a collie and it’s not my problem that Satan has taken over my soul. I lie at night and dream of demons and then wake up screaming as I want them to stay. I eat my own feces as it is so tasty and I want to eat the feces of The New York Dolls as Morrissey would approve and Kristeen Young too as she looks like she has such appetizing feces too. Boz Boorer be that man. I dig him bro. He jamming that guitar. I want him to pet me and put me in the passenger seat of his car. Boz and Moz be the baddest asses in Hollywood. Babies my stars. My master brings me to a show when they come to the United States as it’s understood, dig that hood. Digidy dog, oh my lord.

I am Ulysses and I eat my own feces and like to wrap it up and put it in the freezer so I can have leftovers and then invite Rex the wonder dog over to share them and then he’ll become my next door neighbor. And then I invite rex’s gf over so I can tease her and bend her over so I can stuff it inside her.

I will dedicate my autobiography to Morrissey as he is my God and I worship him

I like to go to McDonalds and ask to see Ronald and then eat his feces and Ronald himself and all the burgers as they makes my feces so much more filling when I eat it later. I like to stick a frankfurter up my anus and take it out, inhale it, spit it out and eat it as it became my feces and so I write it. Ownership is an order. I bringing my camcorder to record the murder of the dog that attacked Mozzer. Boz come find me and bring your tape recorder. Moz the godfather. You hear me go ruff, ruff as I rughin that dog up. I’m gonna make that dog shook up, fucked up and helpless and I am not one to be selfless and Mozzer who is in my best interest as I’m going to conquer and devour the dog who bit his arm and fingers. I holler.

I chase Morrissey’s attack dog all through the park but it was dark and I kept stopping to eat the stray feces I found of some homeless retard and then I saw the attack dog again and I pounced and put him down and fed my face with his remains and I wagged my tail in merriment at my achievement. And that dog be put to shame.

Now I must go read Morrissey-solo again shit as there is no bigger pile of feces out there than it and that makes me so hungry as I am Ulysses the dog that eats his own feces. I holler.

Ruff, ruff

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