Morrissey and the Mexican resistance by Massoud Hayoun - Explore Parts Unknown

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    Beyond Borders: Morrissey and the Mexican resistance - Explore Parts Unknown
    Mexicans and Mexican-Americans have long adored Morrissey. The politics of the moment are only bringing them closer together.

    "Ceci Bastida lives, as many of her fans do, on both sides of the border. From Tijuana but based now in Los Angeles, the Mexican rock star plays to a demographic in limbo, people who may work on one side of the border but live on another, who may have their heart in San Diego but their family in Ensenada, or vice-versa. So it’s only natural that when she sings outside of her solo act, she does so with a band that celebrates something the community on both sides of the border care deeply about: Steven Patrick Morrissey—outsider, immigrant, and former frontman of The Smiths.

    Bastida is a member of the Tijuana-based Morrissey-tribute band Mexrrissey - an ingenious consummation of the much commented on Mexican and Mexican-American love affair with the poetry and raw emotionality of Moz’s music."


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