"Morrissey and the Magic of Music" by Fiona Dodwell - music-news.com

Just saw this one on twitter. There's an article been put on music-news.com, Morrissey and the Magic of Music. It's by the woman who interviewed him before, fiona dodwell. I read it, she's interviewed Boz and Joe Checcarelli for it.

Morrissey and the Magic of Music by Fiona Dodwell - Music-News.com


An exploration of the artist's life & career...

This week, music legend Morrissey turns 60. It's almost impossible to imagine that the hands of time are able to touch upon the famous figures that we have come to revere, those people we have grown up with and admired, imitated and adored – they seem almost immune from the biology that governs us all, separated by the art and the fame that has served as a catalyst for that 'other-worldliness' they so often possess.

Steve Jobs once said, “Time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” If there is one thing that can be said of Morrissey, as a person and an artist, it is that he has very much made his life his own: there is no one comparable. Morrissey has become a notable figure in the music industry because of the impact he has made through his music and public persona. It's hard to imagine a figure who could be less filtered than Morrissey; something that drives his adoring fans onwards and his detractors to distraction. He won't change - and indeed, why should he? It appears nothing, to him, is worthy of compromise - if he believes in it, then he lives by it.

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I'm a devout Morrissey fan, but I have to say this "article" is dreadful. I don't mind someone fawning over him, but I do mind someone trying to pass this tripe off as an "article" when it's no better than a personal journal entry. The writing is technically awful, and could've done with a heavy edit by someone who actually knows how to write.

I hate to dis a fellow fan, and I have nothing against this woman personally. But it's unseemly for someone who merely self-publishes her books and articles to pass herself off as a legitimate author and journalist. She should do herself a big favor and take some basic grammar and composition classes before she embarrasses herself any further.
fiona dodwell

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