Morrissey and the Kill Uncle/rockabilly era

I "learned" Mando Lopez plays the Rickenbacker bassguitar as was seen on some recent photos on here, after the studio sessions in Rome. Don't know if it really is one of his favourite instruments and if he uses it live as much too.

Right, Quando. Jonny Bridgewood also alternated between Fender and Rickenbacker basses during his stint in the late 90s.
Bona Drag sessions

Winter 1989/90, Hook End Manor (Outside Studios), Oxfordshire

Kevin Armstrong (guitar), Matthew Seligman (bass), Andrew Paresi (drums), Steve Hopkin (piano)

Producers: Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley

Songs recorded:

Yes, I am Blind (music written by Andy Rourke, Spring 1989)
East West (recorded September 1989) (cover of Hermann's Hermits song)
November Spawned a Monster (music written by Clive Langer) (Mary Margaret O'Hara on backing vocals)
Girl Least Likely To (music written by Andy Rourke, Spring 1989) (bass: Andy Rourke)
Ouija Board, Ouija Board (music written by Stephen Street)
He Knows I'd Love to See Him (music written by Kevin Armstrong) (bass: Rourke, double bass: Danny Thompson, backing vocals: Mary Margaret O'Hara)
Get Off the Stage (music written by Andy Rourke, Spring 1989) (bass: Rourke) (backing vocals: Suggs) (originally a totally different version that came together in March 1988)
Piccadilly Palare (music written by Kevin Armstrong) (speech: Suggs)
Oh Phoney (music written by Kevin Armstrong)
Striptease with a Difference (music written by Clive Langer)
At Amber (during these sessions Morrissey invited Stephen Street to join him and re-touch the recording of The Bed Took Fire, which was recorded in the Playboys/Interesting Drug sessions; they did so and then Alan Winstanley did some final mixing) (music written by Street)

Singles as released:

Ouija Board, Ouija Board, 13th November 1989
Ouija Board, Ouija Board/Yes, I am Blind/East, West

November Spawned a Monster, 23rd April 1990
November Spawned a Monster/He Knows I'd Love to See Him/Girl Least Likely To

Piccadilly Palare, 8th October 1990
Piccadilly Palare/At Amber/Get Off the Stage
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