Morrissey And The Beats

Seen Morrissey mention the Beat Poets (Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac) and Neal Cassady (the protagonist from On The Road) in a couple of songs. Anybody any idea about his thoughts on that literary movement? He ever talked about them in any interview?


Go Easy On The Killer
Recently I've been listening to Kerouac's three spoken word albums from the boxset that was released in the 90s and I forgot how much I loved him. I mean I never forgot that I loved him but I was caught off guard by hearing those recordings again, which I probably haven't listened to in full since the mid 90s when I played them constantly as that period was the height of my Kerouac obsession.

Anyway...I'm trying to think of all of the times Morrissey has referenced Kerouac and/or the beats as an influence...there is the new song, Kerouac's Crack...there is Neal Cassady Drops Dead on World Peace is None Of Your Business...there is Pretty Girls Make Graves on the first Smiths LP which is a line from The Dharma Bums...and there's the picture of Jack that was used on the Live In Boston LP that was included in the re-issue of The Queen Is Dead.

Can anyone else think of any other time Morrissey has mentioned/referenced Kerouac or that genre of literature?
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