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A comment made about an article from Old Time Music put in the Strange/Unexpected thread which was taking a look at Still Ill, got me thinking more about Morrissey and nostalgia.

First I checked the Old Time Music website.

At Old Time Music, our team of over 38 dedicated writers is united by a shared passion for music. Each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, making our team a diverse and talented group of music enthusiasts....

Through their words, our writers aim to bring the magic of music to life. They delve into the stories behind songs, explore the histories of iconic artists, and analyze the cultural impact of music. Their goal is to inspire, educate, and entertain our readers with their music-related content.

In a world where music transcends boundaries and speaks to the soul, our team of writers is dedicated to celebrating the universal language of music. They invite you to join them on a journey of discovery, where the power of melody and rhythm knows no bounds.

This team of writers includes people who worked with Free, Paul Simon, Gene Pitney, T-Rex, Jerry Lee Lewis, Hot Chocolate, Jethro Tull, and many, many more…The Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Bill Graham Presents, and The Record Plant... Tina Turner, Seal, Pet Shop Boys, Gary Moore and Shane McGowan... etc

In my opinion this is exactly the kind of publication needed: fellow professionals who appreciate the music and musicians properly. Regarding any insult from an implication of nostalgia, what words in the song, Still Ill, from the Smiths' first album, come after 'I ended up with sore lips'?

People have mentioned this quality over the years. In 2002 a poster wondered if Morrissey had become a nostalgia act?
Morrissey himself headlined a 2020 Central Post "An Afternoon Nostalgia". And a 2021 podcast discussed Morrissey and nostalgia already. His pre-show selections of songs and videos abound in gems from the past. So he's always trailed the stuff.

In his recent book, Past Forward: How Nostalgia Can Help You Live a More Meaningful Life

a leading psychological researcher shares compelling science and valuable practices for mindfully using nostalgia to live a more grounded, connected, and purposeful life. When an old song makes you want to dance like you did in high school, or you long for the comforting taste of your mom’s cooking, that’s more than just memory—it’s nostalgia. But is nostalgia all about “living in the past” to hide from reality? In Past Forward, psychologist Clay Routledge presents a fascinating investigation into an emotion we all experience yet often misunderstand, revealing nostalgia’s extraordinary potential to enrich our present—and our future...

Theories of time have treated it as peripheral, going in one direction and not affecting matter. But not anymore.

Assembly theory suggests time is fundamental. It suggests change is not measured by clocks but is encoded in chains of events that produce complex molecules with different depths in time. Assembled from local memory in the vastness of combinatorial space, these objects record the past, act in the present, and determine the future. This means the Universe is expanding in time, not space – or perhaps space emerges from time, as many current proposals from quantum gravity suggest. Though the Universe may be entirely deterministic, its expansion in time implies that the future cannot be fully predicted, even in principle. The future of the Universe is more open-ended than we could have predicted.

Nostalgia is homesickness - algia, aching, for nostos, home. Irish philosopher John Moriarty called his first autobiography Nostos, and made his story a universal one. This is his grave, across the road from a lovely hotel with incredible views Morrissey once stayed in.

John Moriarty grave.jpg
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And finally, I have long given up pretending I understand anything anymore. I live in a permanent state of bafflement as people talk about Skibbidi toilets and Priscilla Presley and darts, hoping that one day I’ll wake up and it’ll be 2005 again, which was the last time I understood what was going on. But this calendar of former Eastenders’ star Pat Butcher with noodles for hair has rendered me momentarily speechless. Also, why do I want it?

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