Morrissey and Miley Cyrus's collaboration

I adore Nina Persson. Beautiful, even in a dark hair. I remember her hoarse voice in Glastonbury when she sang with Manics. It was so cute :hearteyes:
Yep, I'm a massive Nina fan - probably one of my top 5 favourite singers. Really wish she'd put out some new stuff, whether as a Cardigan or a solo or whatever.
Here are my current favourite 10 Cardigans songs:
1. For what it's worth
2. Suits me fine
2. New cuckoo
3. You're the storm
4. Carnival
5. Pikebubbles
6. Communication
7. Sick and tired
8. Your love alone (strictly speaking an MSP song)
9. Hanging around
10. Great divide
So today Morrissey confirmed Miley‘s backing vocals and that they are friends :thumb:
This was confirmed on stage during the Vegas run of gigs.

"The backing vocals that you hear were done magnificently by Miley Cyrus. To whom I am forever a slave, gardner, dog walker, pest controller... Um, Miley couldn't be here tonight or any night, but I luff you"

There’s a picture of them together lying down or something isn’t there?


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Very disappointing almost unbelievable.
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