Morrissey and Mike Patton fan art



Hello everyone, this is my very first contribution to this fantastic page, so please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Luis and I'm from Mexico, like a lot of Mexicans, I have a serious deviation on Moz's body of work and my way to exhude a bit of this passion is doing some artwork regarding the poet laureate, but not only Morrissey is the reason for my adoration in music, there's somebody else (there's always somebody else, isn't it?), and that would be Mike Patton, frontman to an endless list of bands and music projects, Faith No More would be his most notable fingerprint in music, so in a way to pay tribute to my biggest idols I love coming up with some mash-ups, combining the best of both worlds, so please let me show you a couple of pieces I've done in the past, I hope you like my thing. Thanks in advance.
fan art mike patton morrissey
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