Morrissey and Middle East

Raphael Lambach

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In LIHS Morrissey is strongly dealing with Middle East. It’s particularly strange to see him defending Israel. Of course, he sang about Istanbul in WPINOYB which I saw as the beginning of it all.

What do you think about it, guys?
Well my biggest issue with it is that in ibtl he seems to say that you can’t seperate the soldier from the actions he takes in war. That by supporting the military or doing its bidding he is as evil as the military. This sentiment doesn’t seem to extend citizens who support government in a democracy. Here it’s blame the government not the people (who ironically are all compelled to be soldiers at some point). I dislike a lot of the things the Israeli government has done and I recognize that the current government doesn’t represent everyone, I’m American and can’t stand the current American government so I get that, but it does seem a case of picking and choosing a narrow view on each songs subject to express when really they are complex and muddy. To not sing about the whole conflicting complex issue or each subject does the songs a bit of a disservice as art and kinda shows maybe a slight bias on morrisseys part which to be fair is only human. As to the rest of the Middle East I think him interested obviously. I think the Arab Spring probably appealed to him greatly but as to how much he knows about it I can’t say. I’m no expert myself. I will say morrissey in Iran would have been really interesting to see
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