Morrissey and Marr support the League Against Cruel Sports

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    From Winston Smith:

    As the League Against Cruel Sports celebrates the sixth anniversary of the Hunting Act public figures, including Morrissey and Johnny Marr, have expressed their support...

    Morrissey -
    "The moral climate surely tells all intelligent people that the key to the extent of any person’s humanity is in their relationship to – and protection – of animals.

    People who hunt are under delusions of possession and property and divine right, and their debasement of human standards is always evident in their outrage at ever being questioned about their activities.

    The countryside, quite remarkably, does not need the Hunting Act to be repealed"

    Johnny Marr -

    "Sports which involve causing injury to animals are not only cruel but unnecessary and outdated. I'm sure that given the opportunity then the majority of people would choose to outlaw it.

    I feel that those who think it's ok to abuse animals for so called sport are ignorant."
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    1. Georgissey
      Those two should stop flirting through their publicists :sweet: and just make some face time in a studio somewhere. I have no desire or hope for the Smiths to re-form, but really guys... How about a new collaboration for charity?
    2. goinghome
    3. CrystalGeezer
      Beautifully put, Morrissey.
    4. Georgissey
      That was a great tour for Meat is Murder. I really enjoyed Mozza's heartfelt dramatic representation of the dying animal.
    5. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Very well said, Morrissey and Marr. I couldn't agree more.
    6. Anonymous
      Well said - and good timing too; the Tories will doubtless soon try and instigate a Free Vote to reverse the ban. I wish hunters everywhere nothing but the worst.
    7. Anaesthesine
      That is a lovely "performance"; I've watched it a few times myself. :)

      Well said GH: Morrissey and Marr are the good guys, and no amount of media-driven nonsense will ever diminish what they have achieved.
    8. Amy
    9. celibate
      bull-fighting is nmbr 1 what has to stop

      also fights for money in barns all over the world with chickens/dogs

      but dograces,you know those afghan speedy ones, they love to run, as
      huskies love to run in the snow whether if they carry someone on a sledgde

      and fishing is dull, but where drop the line, sure whales and sharks and
      other big ones or dangerous ones should stop

      the thing that hurts me most is that tigers will be starve out within 30 years
      in the wild, the ones around and in India

      well hope they make a track [well there is allready one beatifull one] but
      a new one would be awesome

      [yes we can only dream, and hope the human think they destroying their own
      world including other citizens who are powerless against humans]
    10. CrystalGeezer
      Wow, that is a gorgeous performance. And not to take away from the severity of the message but gravelly voice Moz... :horny:
    11. No. 27
      No. 27
      "their debasement of human standards is always evident in their outrage at ever being questioned"

      How very hypocritical he is! Steven cannot bear to be questioned. In the face of criticism he runs away and hides.

      Take, for example, the furore he tried to cause by describing all Chinese people as "a subspecies". Around that time, he was whoring himself (again), repackaging old product for the furtherance of his career (again) and he had the opportunity to give interviews on both television and radio. He knew, however, that he'd be asked to justify his opinion of Chinese people.

      He had a perfect opportunity, on the Andrew Marr Show, to state his case in front of millions of viewers, but, rather than "stand his ground" and face up to what were likely to be challenging (and entirely justified) questions from an experienced political journalist, the pop star who would have you believe that "there's no-one on earth [he's] afraid of" chose instead to absent himself from the proceedings, too scared to show his lack of intelligence. Shameful. Shameful & hypocritical.

      No. 27
    12. No. 29
      No. 29
      I'm with you

      No. 29
    13. MozVegan9
      That's why I love Morrissey and Marr <3
    14. celibate
      28 surely would agree
    15. No. 26
      No. 26
      First of all, Morrissey has chosen to live life at a much higher standard. One of his agendas is to preserve and care for the lives of all creatures. When a people have sadly grown so detached from empathy that they without a shudder of remorse brutally slaughter animals for no means within reason, other than to indulge in the spoils of excessiveness, they therefore put themselves in a sub category of humans that choose to live in such vileness opposed to those who do not. So, it is not Morrissey who has put them in this subcategory, but who has only used words to help emphasize and depict what kind of public image the Chinese are projecting and how outsiders perceive these images when such grotesque videos of extreme animal cruelty are being brought to light time and time again. Furthermore, this only feeds the mind to comprehend the idea of how far a people by all extremities can continue to detach themselves from such righteous causes if they fail to see that their actions are without justice.

      Secondly, it goes without say that any intelligent person can settle on the fact that not all Chinese live in such disregard to the proper care of animals, and furthermore any person alike cannot disagree that any human is incapable of ever changing his/her views on animal care; However, the problem is that the disheartening factual acts done by a few Chinese caught on video, by default, can go a long way to demoralize an entire nation which in turn only opens, without any surprise, vast margins for harsh scrutiny from outsiders onto the public in its entirety. It is also because of this, that the Chinese public must take responsibility to resolve these issues as not only a nation but as members of the human race who strive to live a more meaningful life that coincides with what is righteousness and justified.

      Thirdly, for Morrissey and his friends, you must understand that all they have in their arsenal to change a person’s mind and heart are words; And with these words, they use them as tools to spread them into images so that extremes are shown, and so that people may have a clear picture of what is just and unjust; And in doing so, a person is then able to find themselves where they are at in this spectrum and then strive with conviction towards justified actions and causes.
      So if you are still not able to understand or make any probable justifications to Morrissey’s statements or ideas then perhaps you should consider your own ignorance; and in turn recognize that things are always controversial to the ignorant and most definitely to the ones who miss the point entirely; And as for Morrissey’s lack of a response to his critics, well, you could easily consider that the words of the ignorant do not merit acknowledgement.

      You quote Morrissey:

      "their debasement of human standards is always evident in their outrage at ever being questioned[about their activities.]"

      You left out the last bit which makes a huge difference in his point. Morrissey’s activities are justified and therefore to consider questioning him is outrages on its own. Now for the activities of the ones Morrissey criticizes, they are unjustifiable and so therefore his statement holds consistency because it is evident that when one is wrong and is outraged when questioned, they have clearly made themselves content dwelling in lower quality, character, and value when it comes to human standards.

      So in conclusion if you do not understand Morrissey then you are perhaps you are ignorant; and if you are, well then of course he would feel that making the extra effort to draw pretty pictures with crayons for you, so that you may understand him better, would just be time well wasted.
    16. No. 27
      No. 27
      You write terribly, make little sense and are very long-winded.

      Shove off.

      No. 27
    17. No. 27
      No. 27
      There is no No. 28.
    18. PinkFloyd
      I believe the person knew that.:)
    19. celibate

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