Morrissey and love, relationships etc...

Gossiping about Morrissey's love life does feel a little prurient but it crops up as a feature here and there every so often e.g.

If that's correct, we belatedly learn that "Annalisa Jablonska has a well-established career as an artist. She is Polish by origin and has created substantial works in painting and digital media that have been exhibited in several galleries across Europe."

Interesting if it can be confirmed, which would mean that unlike Ann Coates, she wasn't an invented character -

I missed the Gelato rumours at the time. Sounds like a nickname alright. Did the interludes with Jake and Tina occur mainly during career hiatuses, with the press less likely to pry?

There's curiosity of various kinds feeding this circulation of interest, but I've also noticed how people frequently express a strong wish for Morrissey to be happy in his relationships. Simply gruesome, to care so : )

Of course, relationships take time and involve risks. I imagine that the Christmas in his early teens when Morrissey's father left the family home to take up residence with his new family had profound impacts, both immediate and beyond. Something most of us can understand to some extent, since sundry losses are not rare. A distrust of people follows fairly logically from betrayal, and as has been pointed out, manifests in lyrics.

How much Morrissey depends for affection on his audiences (if vice versa too) is hard to tell, but many fans are exceptionally stalwart, willing to alter their lifestyles more or less in the long-term to maintain this identity, which suggests the fellow feeling is an enduring bond of sorts, with some elements of friendship, brotherhood and often, ineffable devotion. Qualities that are sought in everyday relationships. Besides Morrissey maybe not wanting to give this up, is it possible that some of his most ardent fans might not forgive him for forming a particular relationship?

I know that sounds more like boy-band territory, far from which we've been raised. As he said, he does mind his boundaries. And he's been able to keep aspects of his life very private. But can he have both? Or does this remain his position? - 'As for me, I'm okay, for now anyway'. Indeed, with Dengue about, let's hope he's doubly okay 🧑‍⚕️ 💙
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