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By Anonymous on Aug 15, 2014 at 3:48 PM
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    1. davidt
      So I should apologize for something I don't think was wrong? No, I'm not going to, even if you and hundreds of people insist I do because of their personal moral outrage.

      Morrissey has had links to the subject of pedophilia in the past in the press. Sorry, that offends your moral view but it is a fact.

      I choose to link to and not link to a lot of items by anonymous and logged-in users every day, that argument also makes no sense.

    2. bored
      You guys can go back on forth about this for the next decade and no one is going to change their stance on it.

      It is time for everyone to realize that they have said their piece and just move on.
    3. Anonymous
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    4. Anonymous
    5. Anonymous
      Okay. A few questions and I'll get out of your hair.

      What are your Terms of Service for?

      Do your Terms of Service apply equally to all (people and posts) or is it entirely at your discretion?

      Do you believe the piece you linked to was not in anyway defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libellous or hateful?

      Why would rejecting the paedophile post be classed as censorship when all other rejections are simply acts of personal/editorial discretion on your part?

      And I'm done.
    6. davidt
      The terms of service are more for members posting on the site and general guidelines and yes in the end it is myself and to an extent the mods who apply and interpret them. If someone who is extremely strict about the terms reviewed all the posts on the site, quite a few would be removed from the site including all bootleg downloads, fan videos, anything remotely insulting to other users. "Vulgar", "obscene" and "hateful" are certainly open to interpretation. My interpretation is that words and ideas generally aren't considered that. It's more about preventing abuse, such as linking to / posting pornography.

      Posting about Morrissey is treated a bit different since he is the topic of the site and a celebrity so things that might be considered "defamatory" or "libelous" may still get through. Again, in this instance the content wasn't even posted on the site, the link was. Perhaps you can also look to see if the site violates the terms of the host of the site, WordPress?

      In talking about censorship, I was addressing the many users who were strongly requesting removal of the article from the main page.

      Thank you for your input and questioning. I think it is natural many people don't agree with everything I do and may strongly object at times, I appreciate that you are expressing your points. I have read just about everything people have said on this topic and tried to address the main points. I understand that highlighting the post is something most people would not have chosen to do, if they were running the site.

    7. Anonymous
      Thank you for your reply.

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