Morrissey and Dylan


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There is only one mention of Dylan in Autobiography (pg. 395 UK paperback): "At the festival, Bob Dylan stands stage-side as my best endeavors rip out across an impossibly youthful crowd. Dylan watches in his crumpled, cramped way. As I leave the Belfort Festival I am asked if I would like my photograph taken with Bob. I say 'Yes, of course.' Minutes later comes a new annoucement: 'I'm sorry, Bob said he doesn't want to do it' and my pecker rises since I didn't make the request in the first place."

(Too bad, that would have been a cool pic)

I found this on a Dylan fan site:

I believe sometime in 2006 or 2007 Dylan and Mozz played in Copenhagen on the same evening. Mozz was quoted praising the audience for having made "the right choice."

Obviously, Dylan took an interest in Moz, at least for one night in France. Not much love back from Morrissey, it seems.

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