Morrissey and Dickens


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I was reading a bit of Dickens last night and just kept getting little echoes of Morrissey in some words and phrases.

Not sure if Morrissey's ever openly acknowledged lifting from Dickens or being influenced by him (there was a Spin interview in 1992 where he said he was reading Oliver Twist), but then it reminded me of this, which is rather wonderful:

I thought the film sample and fascination with Anthony Newley explained most of it re: Twist at least 😂
The film & book do get mentioned in Autobiography.
don’t leave us in the dark!’
I’m sure there’s a Dickens passage in Mozipedia, right?
I think it's just a coincidence but has anyone noticed all the similiarities between Shimmer by Fuel and Great Expectations?
I highly recommend Little Dorrit. Excellent read, quite long.
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