Morrissey and BMG post Deluxe/BOTCG release



Morrissey has released a Deluxe version of LIHS with 3 unreleased songs with a chart poition of 19 in Vinyl Charts and no entry in Top 100.....New single BOTCG which I thing charted at 4 (could be wrong) ...both with what appears with zero promotion .I think BOTCG single had the greatest crossover potential of his carreer and is really good so I would suspect he's fairly pissed that it didnt fair better in airplay and charts.
Of the 3 new songs.....growers and definately b=sides but good to have out there...I suspect the superior Blue Dreamers and By The Time were recorded in previous album sessions so BMG were unable to release.
So with Morrisseys fairly well publicised lack of tolerance with zero publicity for his releases..will this impact his relationship with BMG....All communication around California Son are from Morrissey Central which has given multiple false indications of a WPINOYB re-issues......So I wonder how high are those BMG walls and is Korda regretting his support of Moz....really hope not and we get a great album in 2019


Well he seemed to own the recording of world peace and his releasing of blue dreamers eyes makes me think he owns that to or he would have been served a cease and desist and not able to put it out through his official website. Have you checked out some of the other fine artists that bmg reps. Morrissey I don’t think is the lowest seller on that list so my thought is that theyre fine with how his album did. Sold more than the previous album and the singles made them some money. Spent he day in bed got plenty of attention and was pretty well received by he general morrissey audience


its not me its you.
I think with bmg its all about having the name on their books.they probably knew they wouldn't make that much money and the money they laid out probably wasn't huge either,its a win win for both sides and M has never once made any negative remarks about bmg.

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Um, I wouldn't think a second (sold) incarnation of an album with collectors in mind would really do anything amazing in the charts regardless of who it was by.
The WPINOYB reissue predates Central and was discussed in 2016 when it first appeared on TTY. Some believe the Renée Jeanne Falconetti cover version of it exists (just not in quantity).
That probably speaks more to issues around Harvest than any BMG reluctance.
Their promotion apart from the initial 'burst' has been lacklustre, but doesn't really validate any point about Korda or his perceived tolerance of Morrissey. They have occasionally advertised (ie not a Sam post) on Twitter - even quite recently. They continue to manufacture and sell his products to retailers and that's been going on for 13 months after many 'controversial', potentially business-damaging 'incidents' throughout that time.
If anything, it probably confirms the opposite view.
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