Morrissey and band bares all (front this time) new pic


He looks so gorgeous I can hardly breathe but it's such a funny picture too.
Absolutely fantastic. :guitar:
Careful what you click on!!

Perhaps the vinyl parts will be reproduced in scratch card format...i keep mine hidden.
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I'm just dying to see those labels it would be nice if they were the first records they ever bought.
MOZ MIGHT GET Finally a NUMBER 1 single in the charts now

what did he say once conc the hand in glove cover?
"naked men should be splashed around the co-op";-)))
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Sigh. I Love Morrissey for doing things like this. OK, it might be totally tasteless least somebody does it. The "indie scene" is very serious, studied and a bit boring. And with all the "big" stars it's all very calculated and clinical.

But then there's Mozza who gets his band (and himself) to go naked for a single cover. Hats off!

I love Mozza cos he doesnt follow any rules apart from his own. You wouldn't expect this for a "Paris" cover, would you?

In Stockholm summer 2006 he asked people to "liberate themselves and take all their clothes off" because the venue was WAY too hot. And it was hot.

Of course nobody did but I just love his sense of humour....
one LiveJournal user made out the record labels
"The record labels left to right are:
Phillips (possibly), Top Rank (oooh matron), Moz is Mercury, Boz is Pye (ironically... who ate them all?), and the last one is... Parlophone. All vintage UK record labels."
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I LOVE IT!!!!!!

In very bad mood today... Mood much better now :D:D:D

I think Boz looks GREAT!!!! :D:D:D
I'm not seeing that.
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