Morrissey allows John Lewis to use Smiths track for Christmas ad campaign

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By Mr Reynolds on Nov 10, 2011 at 5:03 PM
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    Update 11/12/11, 10:00 PM PT:

    Link posted at Morrissey Reddit:

    Morrissey, how could you? Fans of The Smiths horrified as 'anti-establishment' band allows John Lewis to use song in Christmas TV ad - Daily Mail
    £6m promo already being dubbed the greatest ever

    Update 11/11/11, 7:10 AM PT:

    Ad is now on YouTube:

    Please please please don't sell our music to advertisers - by Adam Boult, The Guardian

    Morrissey allows John Lewis to use Smiths track for Christmas ad campaign - The Telegraph

    His lyrics are not usually associated with festive cheer, but Morrissey has permitted department store John Lewis to use a song by The Smiths for its Christmas advert.


    The famously curmudgeonly singer has given his blessing for a cover version of Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want to feature on the chain’s £6 million television advertising campaign.

    The track will be performed by Slow Moving Millie, a relatively unknown musician and actor whose real name is Amelia Warner and was once briefly married to the Hollywood actor Colin Farrell.
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    1. Anonymous
      Slightly sad - but with the lure of easy money it's understandable.
      At least it's only a cover version - which puts some slight distance between the Smiths and advertising - though it's still pretty distasteful.
    2. Anonymous
      The opening to This Charming Man has already been used in a John Lewis ad this year.
    3. Anonymous
    4. Death Disco
      Death Disco
      Re: Article: Morrissey allows John Lewis to use Smiths track for Christmas ad campaig

      REM breaking up in order to sell yet another greatest hits, now even Morrissey is cashing in.
      They're entitled to do as they please, but never thought I'd see it happen. Money Changes Everything.
    5. Anonymous
      So sad...I know its over...back to the 5,6,7,8's or perish!
    6. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Hey, it's a business. Only we fans think it's high art. Besides, let the first here who would refuse a significant six figure sum for something they did nigh on thirty years ago Please, Please, Please make themselves known.
    7. klaus
      Amelia Warner is gorgeous!
    8. johnson
      M. Eitzel. Apostle number 1. 10/11/11
    9. Anonymous
      With all the undeserved negative press he has courted recently, I think it is a positive nod in his direction from JL. Way to go Mr M.
    10. Anonymous
      I forgive you Moz. But only if you use the filthy lucre to fund the recording of a new album.
    11. mozmal
      I look forward to hearing it. Just looked her up, she is very beautiful.
    12. Anonymous
      I wonder how much of a factor it was that Morrissey knew that as songwriters he and Johnny would be paid an absolute fortune, and Joyce would get absolutely nothing. Maybe after Joyce getting all his royalties from the Smiths' reissues he figured it was payback time?
    13. Anonymous
      As big companies go, John Lewis is pretty okay, its a Co-operative, pays its workers well etc. Fair play I say.
    14. Anonymous
      Sigh. I was sooooo disappointed when I heard about this today. I always loved The Smiths for their anti corporate / establishment mere weeks after 'This Charming Man' is used on a John Lewis ad; one of the very best, holiest of holy, heart breakingly beautiful Smiths songs is being sold to John Fucking Lewis in order for them to flog their middle class tat.
      Personally I think it's fucking disgraceful. 'Please, please...' is our hymn about longing and unrequited love.... No way on earth should it be used to sell household goods or clothes, etc, cover version or otherwise. Shame on you Moz and Marr! Unforgivable. You should be bloody ashamed of yourseves.

      You've made an old fan very sad.

      Edd the caricaturist.
    15. Anonymous
      In the famous words of the late and truly wonderful Bill Hicks "sucking on Satan's cock"!!!!!
    16. Anonymous
      First the morrissey blog closes down after messing with the poor fans for months.
      And now this happens and no record deal. There's never been a more depressing time to be a morrissey fan.
    17. Anonymous
      Any clues about the set list for the upcoming US Partial Tour?
    18. Anonymous
      I love that John Lewis advert. I had a girlfriend called Julie who I made mixtapes for at the time of This Charming Man, took me right back that did. Take the money Steph and give us some new tunes. x
    19. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Morrissey allows John Lewis to use Smiths track for Christmas ad campaig

      Calm down dear and have some tea, they can't steal your love of the music, not on the telly! I do agree John Lewis is atrocious, but on the plus side they have a fabulous returns policy and they are very easy to lift from. x

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