Morrissey all over today's Manchester Evening News - link

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  1. The Goat

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    Morrissey is on the front page of the MEN today, along with an interview on page 7 (see link) and a feature in the weekend GO section.

    What a weekend it's going to be... MozBus, Star & Garter and, of course, the gig itself!
    Manchester, so much to be thankful for....

    The Goat
  2. What is the Moz bus?
  3. Misery

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    Just got back from town. I noticed quite a few people walking around with "Morrissey's Manchester". EEE! This is so much fun! Nice to see he spared a few minutes for his local paper, too. Course, typical MEN headline: SCHOOL GOES CONTINENTAL with a big picture of Morrissey. Funny.
  4. The Goat

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    click on the tour link
    The Goat

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