Morrissey - "...all over Battersea some hope and some despair..."


Morrissey - "...all over Battersea some hope and some despair..." Battersea Power Station, England 10/12/1997 (good audience recording)

01 - Intro (Baterias)
02 - Do Your Best And Don't Worry
03 - Boy Racer
04 - Billy Budd
05 - Reader Meets Author
06 - Paint A Vulgar Picture
07 - Alma Matters
08 - Ambitious Outsiders
09 - Speedway
10 - Troubles Love Me
11 - Spring Heeled Jim
12 - Now My Heart Is Full
13 - Roy's Keen
14 - Satan Rejected My Soul
15 - Shoplifters Of The World Unite

"...all over Battersea some hope and some despair..." (128 MB)



bagface said:
aaaawesome thank you thank you thank you codreanu
Thanks so much for this! I was at this concert while living in London. It was my first ever Moz concert. As I live in Oz and well you know he doesn't go there much :(
Hey I'm new to all of this so I was wondering how do I go about downloading these bootlegs, it seems that when I select the link for the bootleg download I am redirected to 'MegaUpload', do I have o do something once I get here? please some could somebody tell me how to get hold of these Morrissey bootlegs!!


once the link takes you to the megaupload page in the top right hand of that page you will see a 30 second time ticking down. You just wait for that to finish and a button should appear saying :click to download"

If in the meantime a banner pops up covering the seconds ticking down just get rid of it. The button will be behind it :)
Like I said I am new to this so I was wondering, do I have to pay anything of any description before I can download the bootlegs?, when my account is activated a screen comes up telling me I am not a 'premium member' and then lists many different packages that I would have to buy, which frankly I am not old enough to do.
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