Morrissey A-Z: "Yes, I Am Blind"

Yeah, I'd love to do the Smiths songs A-Z next but would appreciate a short break in between, maybe just a couple of weeks?
booki exactly what i said but somebody disagrees,yip have a months break then we all come back refreshed and raring to go.
Magical track & one of my all time favourites. A slow plodder with wonderful lyrics, & vocals. Love it.
Thanks must also go to Andy Rourke for this one.
'Evil people prosper over the likes of you and me, always'
Twas ever thus.
A fine flipside, I liked from the very beginning. Morrissey's voice is so fragile and irresistible here. The classic Blues chords, the metaphorical lyrics and Andy Rourke's songwriting skills make it even more vulnerable.
If you first heard this song on Bona Drag, it might not have stood out amongst more accessible tracks. However, as a b-side on "Ouija Board," I think it held its ground well. The song risks delving into dirgy territory... but somehow it's rescued from that. It's Morrissey at his pensive and contemplative best... a song that made perfect sense at the time but can't imagine him doing now. 8.5/10
You're going to give everything an 8/10 anyway. :ROFLMAO:
i will give it any score i want,dont need any advice from anybody,as i say im easily pleased.
I remember my disappointment when I bought the Ouija Board single, first time I heard a heavy regression in Morrissey's singles.

I like Yes, I am Blind immediately though, despite the childish lines opening lines:

Yes, I am blind
No, I can't see the good things
Just the bad things of the world
Yes, I am blind
No, I can't see
There must be something
Horribly wrong with me?

The songs works very well and thanks God, the rest of the lyrics are enjoyable.

I think I prefer Ouija Board now though.
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