Morrissey A-Z: "Whatever Happens, I Love You"

This song accounts for the oddest moment in my Morrissey fandom. I was attending the 2007 Clearwater show during a vacation and he played this as a complete one-off. I don't believe it had been played since the Boxers/In Person tour and I'm fairly certain it has never been played again heretofore. It was an utter surprise and a treat.
He played it a handful of times in 2007.
Yes, I was at the Hollywood Palladium show when he played it. It was a treat since I'd only heard it live on Introducing Morrissey.

Oh, my God. I love this one... it's one of my hundreds of favorite songs I love that voice !!!! Please when you sing yes yes yes ! Mmmmmm that incredible singer you are Mozulysssss .Esta cancion me desespera!!!!!!

One of my favorite Morrissey songs. I can't decide which lyrics to quote as I love them all. The part that opens with "fight for rights" and closes with "when they've all said their piece it's still you I love" might be it. 10/10

Reading comments about the lyrics I'd just call them impressionistic. The whole point is that there are always other concerns but "whatever happens I love you" so it kind of makes sense that these other ideas aren't made more specific. It's a great love song.

This live version burns your brain and that beautiful Moz!!! It's insufferable,,that voice is everything.. too provocative... that incredible singer is him, but all the climate of the song Boz excellent with those winds and Alain with that melodic way of playing, and he with that sublime sensual and enveloping voice ... well it's an explosive cocktail!!!
Moz was taking cocaine

Moz was taking cocaine?.MM I don´t think...... i´ll ever hear anything about it...I can not imagine Moz stimulating himself in that way ,yes with alcohol but i do not know why i think that Moz did not consume those substances!!OR YES?????:unsure::blushing::tears::tears::unsure::unsure::confused::confused:

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