Morrissey A-Z: "Trash" (live cover)

Not great when Morrissey casually throws his band members under the bus in his autobiography. It's most unbecoming.
It’s fascinating that the debate of who was the main man in the smiths still rages on and on.

For me it was Morrissey his voice, his vocal delivery and of course the words, for which I’d never heard the like..

Then I realised that Johnnys contribution to the project was just as important and impressive.

I think that if your a musician playing whatever, then I would imagine that Johnny would have sucked you in, as like Morrissey, he was special, marr was and still is a special guitarist ...
Totally agree. I'm sick of all these "Morrissey was the Smiths, because it's his vocal what comes to my mind first" bullshits. I want to ask them if they have ever thought once that that's the reason why they are member here "Morrisey-solo." in the first place.
Indeed, it's mentioned in autobiog:

"Two years later, in Paris, Nick Kent [British music writer] is visible in the crowd as my new band launch into our comic-opera version of the New York Dolls’ Trash (although comic opera was never the intent). I am confused by Kent’s presence since his repulsion had made itself clear throughout his Morrissey assassination for The Face. Unfortunately for me, during this rendition of Trash, drummer Spencer plays an entirely different song throughout. Looking all Dostoevsky in a caped coat, Nick Kent lets loose a cold-blooded smile as the song blunders on and on and on with nothing to save it from death. Backstage my rage is soaked in sorrow, but Spencer displays only scorn. Weeks later, having heard a bootleg of the Paris night, Spencer now has no choice but to confess. ‘Yes, I was playing a completely different song,’ he laughs.

Abandon all hope ye who sing here."

Yep, ya got it.
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