Morrissey A-Z: "To Me You Are a Work of Art"

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I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.
I love it. It reminds me of a good time and place in my life. And all you kids in love, quote this song to your love interest. Trust me.


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Another song where I feel the vocal melody outshines the music.

Alain's contribution is mostly very average, with a few brighter moments, and it's up to Morrissey to try to create something memorable. This is particularly true of the chorus.

Not one of his best songs, but a solid album track and might have been a better choice for 4th single on the album.

In the poll on the Hoffman board it ranked 164th from 264 solo songs.


Game Of Death.
one of my all time faves,reminds of a better time in the world.lyrics fantastic ,voice is fantastic on this,live version was amazing with crowd roar halfway me this is a work of art.
10 works of/10 art.
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One of the greatest Ringleader compositions: it’s urgent, driving and passionate, and masks the iffy production with some intriguing instrumental choices and a stunner of a vocal performance.
I adore the strings running throughout, especially that constant feedback drone that emerges throughout as a motive to keep moving.
It’s very cinematic, while the lyrics lean more towards complimenting a partner as they contrast severely with the destruction in the outside world: common themes on the album. And it makes sense: I sometimes tend to think of the LP as a film, and this races towards a cathartic climax, once Moz has left the mix and the instruments just keep the groove going. It’s excellent.
This is a real high point on the album, and counters some of the weaker songs that are interspersed throughout (also, is it just me, or is there a whiff of the Cure is Moz’s delivery, especially the chorus. I mean this in a good way coming from a big Cure fan. Interesting...)


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Great title to quote on my mother’s birthay !
Lyrics are echoing previous songs, I enjoy the music and his voice , especially in the live version.
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Outstanding track which truly is a 'work of art'; love both versions, but that live version is so superior. To me, on that live version, the opening guitar strum sounds like the start to 'On The Streets I Ran'.
'I see the world
It makes me puke'

Just brilliant!

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A stunning piece of music all round, and there is nothing I dislike about this song what so ever.
It sums up ringleaders and I even got to hear this live ...


I think the chorus is weak but I like the verses. "To me you are a work of art" doesn't work for me but I like "I see the world, it makes me puke." lol 7/10


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