Morrissey A-Z: "This Is Not Your Country"


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I can admire this song’s lyricism, and how it deals with the public view on Northern Ireland, especially in the Troubles, but this song just doesn’t have enough melodic and instrumental substance in order to warrant a 7 minute plus runtime.
Unlike other lengthy songs Moz has released, this has less melodic and compositional development, preferring to remain fixated on one solemn riff and repeat that into eternity. You forget about the lyrics because the tune becomes so grading by the end (unlike, say, “Teachers” or “Southpaw” or “I’m Not A Man” - hell, even “The Secret of Music” tries some different things throughout!).
Further, the production from this era is pretty anonymous as a whole, but especially with songs like this (and possibly “Ambitious Outsiders”) any grandiose, pseudo-Classical compositions are stifled at birth by blandness.
I’m sorry but this one’s never clicked with me: maybe in the future something will change or make more sense.
My thoughts exactly


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I’ll be honest. The only thing M related that was a disappointment in 97 was the length of the setlist
This song has held its own for me over the last 1/4 of century.
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