Morrissey A-Z: "(The) World Is Full of Crashing Bores"


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I might be in the minority here... but to me, it's a lesser track on YATQ. In fact, I forgot it was on YATQ... in my distorted memory, I would have guessed ROTT. In that sense, it seems to be a forecast of what was to follow YATQ, thus the mental association. Hearing it again, there are several solid pieces here, title and lyrics are 100% quintessential Morrissey... but for some reason, it doesn't totally connect for me.

It's also interesting how Alain revealed this was his least favorite Boz tune. Wasn't "Bores" seriously considered as a potential fifth Quarry single? I think they opted for the live version of "There Is a Light/Redondo Beach" instead.


In 2007 2012 it was my strict TOP 10. Later it started to fade away. The lyrics of the song are still valid , so typical of Morrissey. I have a lot of fondness for this track, and I still enjoy listening to it.


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Not a big fan, but it is an OK song, always thought that live, they could have merged it to Picadilly Palare.
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