Morrissey A-Z: "The Loop"

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From PJLM:
"The song was then given a break of 15 years. It returned halfway into the 2007-2008 Greatest Hits tour and was on the setlist a majority of nights (40) of that tour's latter half."
Interesting! I guess it stuck around for a few years, then.


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I still listen to the Sing Your Life EP on a regular basis. It has its own unique style, in large part thanks to this song.
The music is infectious, and Morrissey's dancing fabulous. I watched it several times in a row now(y)


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There was a time in my life when Moz could've farted the phone book and I'd have thought of it as high art.

This song is from that period, therefore, it's high art.

high fart ?


I rarely put this song on but when it does come round it seems impossible to turn off. Not super substantial but infectious



(And I've included the live clip above because I love it so very much.)

What do we think of this one?

I fully agree with you, Bookish . Live version from Tour of Refusal Tour was extremely superb . And Solomon with standup bass on the edge of the stage was great . I like the World of Morrissey version too .
7/10( studio )
8/10 ( 2009 live )
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