Morrissey A-Z: "The Loop"

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From PJLM:
"The song was then given a break of 15 years. It returned halfway into the 2007-2008 Greatest Hits tour and was on the setlist a majority of nights (40) of that tour's latter half."
Interesting! I guess it stuck around for a few years, then.


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I still listen to the Sing Your Life EP on a regular basis. It has its own unique style, in large part thanks to this song.
The music is infectious, and Morrissey's dancing fabulous. I watched it several times in a row now(y)


I rarely put this song on but when it does come round it seems impossible to turn off. Not super substantial but infectious



(And I've included the live clip above because I love it so very much.)

What do we think of this one?

I fully agree with you, Bookish . Live version from Tour of Refusal Tour was extremely superb . And Solomon with standup bass on the edge of the stage was great . I like the World of Morrissey version too .
7/10( studio )
8/10 ( 2009 live )
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