Morrissey A-Z: "The Kid's A Looker"


It's crass to paraphrase one's own takes, but I remarked in 2011 when this was first aired that I was overjoyed this song existed, as it primarily meant that "One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell" was no longer his worst song ever.

Those 2011 songs really did a number on my fandom. The subsequent racism hasn't helped, either.
Looking forward to "One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell," now. I really like that one! but I went to listen and I suspect it's the lyrics about "the tiny children tell you that you smell," for example. Anyway, don't spoil it for me. :ROFLMAO:

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Songs that are worse than TKAL:
Neal C
Kiss me
Kick the Bride
Spent the Day
In your lap
The Girl from
All the Young
When you open
Who Will Protect Us
Love is on
I am not a dog

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Some posters on this thread have described this as 'Embarrassingly poor' and 'Up there with the worst'.

I didn't remember it as being THAT bad so I listened back.

They were right, I was wrong.

Today is the first time I've ever heard this and I was astonished at how bad it is.


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Today is the first time I've ever heard this and I was astonished at how bad it is.
It's grim up Maida Vale. Of the three from that 2011 session, 'Action Is My Middle Name' lasts in the memory and is better than the studio version, I feel.


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If this song came about, in part, due to Bieber's heavy media saturation in 2010 onwards (not forgetting Morrissey was still scathing about him 3 years later), then there's something wonderfully tone-deaf and perverse about Justin being subsequently pictured in a Smiths' shirt and then 'thanked' on Central.


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I remember wondering when this trio of new songs came out if the scales had finally been tipped towards Morrissey having more bad songs than good.


I don’t mind it and think a real studio version would not have sounded out of place on refusal. I find it better than boy racer as at least here I care about the subject of the lyric. Otherwise it’s fine and uptempo

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I prefer the Temple Lane version ^^^
That said, the link for the very rare promo rip of Janice Long featuring People.., Action... & Kid's... is still live if anyone wants the whole JL session (@320 via Irregular Regular).
It is the only known official digital source for People Are The Same Everywhere.
Download Here.
I clicked and got The Last of the International Playboys.


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So awful I thought Jesse had written it, on first listen.


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The lalala chorus here is so cringeworthy and unbearable, no wish to ever sing along.
Exactly, that's it - the 'la la laaaa la' is just unlistenable, it kills an already-poor song stone dead.


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So awful I thought Jesse had written it, on first listen.

I never bothered to check the composer, so until this morning I also lived in the firm belief that Jesse had written it.
But considering that Boz also wrote the music for "Who will protect us from the police" and I can hear some similarities between these 2 songs, I am not so shocked to find out.


The ultimate proof of the utter crapness of this song, easily Morrissey's worst? Even Nerak hasn't been able to say anything positive about it!


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What a ghastly song. Morrissey keeps on about how current pop stars have nothing to say, but such a lazy attack on the easiest possible target isn't very insightful either. It's like a Paint a Vulgar Picture re-written by a belligerent baboon.

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